A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. 

I feel like I don’t come on here much to share the good days, and that is how the picture I paint becomes so skewed. 

But yesterday was one of the good days. I have been feeling myself lifting out of the generalized funk I fell into. I don’t really know what changed to help me get out, but that is usually how these things work. One day I just start feeling better. 

Yesterday I had a good conversation with the parent of a child we’re trying to help. 

I managed to fit a run in between work and picking up my kids, and even though it was hot, the sun his behind a cloud just enough to make it bearable. 

My kids ate the “super hero smoothie” I made for them, packed with two cups of fresh spinach. It’s amazing how much better I feel when I know they are eating healthy food. 

My daughter had finished her homework at after care. That always makes things easier. 

Neither of them got upset when I left to eat dinner with some friends. It was the first time I’ve been out with friends since before school started over a month ago. It was nice to catch up. Heck it was nice to just be with other adults who weren’t my husband. Also, the dinner I ordered was amazing. 

I got home all energized from seeing people and had a hard time getting to bed, but it’s okay because today is Friday. Friday is my favorite day. 

And those all some of the reasons why yesterday was a good day. 

When was your last good day? What made it a good one?


  1. Wonderful and fabulous. It is always odd how all at once without any obvious changes a day is so different from the days before. Hope this wasn’t a ‘one off-er’ for you but the start of a trend.
    I find my world is trending positive these days too… had several weeks of ‘not clever’ but now life is better and I am appreciating the new trend!

  2. Yay for good days. I also tend to cycle through “blah” periods and then the blah lifts and I feel…happy. I don’t know what causes either one to come or go but I’m trying to just accept that its something intrinsic in my brain chemistry.

  3. Good days are the best… So hopeful! If I don’t yell at the kids, it’s a good day. My fuse is very short these days…

    Glad to hear today it’s going well too!

  4. I love everything about this post. You needed a day like that. We all do! 🙂

    My day off today was pretty awesome, actually! I totally needed that after 6 weeks of exhausting pace at work. My husband went to work late so I got to run at 6am by myself, then brought Stella to school, My best friend came over after dropping her kid off at pre-k as well, and our 20 month olds actually got along for 3+ hours while we had the longest conversation we’ve had since PRE-kids 4 years ago. Harvey took a good nap, I got some work done and laid out in the sun for awhile, I took a long walk with the kids after school, and I hung out with my family tonight…and now at 7:30 I’m heading out for a few drinks with friends. i’ll take it!

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