A Good Year

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I was making the obligatory family calendar this year–it’s what I give both sets of grandparents–and I was struck by what a good year 2014 was for our family.

January is all photos from our wedding. I am so thankful to have finally married my best friend and the love of my life, in front of family and a couple of close friends. I cherish my memories of that day, those captured by the camera and those that live in my heart.

May is dozens of photos of my two children together. Every single one is a reminder of the other future I had come to accept, the one where just my daughter’s face graced those photographs. I am so, so thankful to have my son in my life, for them to have each other and for us to be a family.

June is photos of my daughter with characters from Disneyland. That was an amazing trip–stressful and intense to be sure, but also wonderful. I’m so glad we got to go together. I know it meant as much to her as it did to me.

July is pictures of my husband and I with our kids (we both have birthdays in July). Seriously, how did I get so lucky to have this man, and these sweet children, in my life?

October is the twelve monthly shots of my son that I took with the sticker ties saying how old he is. I never did those monthly shots with my daughter, but always wished I had, and they represent the opportunity I have with my son to do things differently, to try things I didn’t know about the first time around. I am intensely grateful for the second chances. I never take them for granted.

December is best-ofs from a photo shoot we did recently with the kids. We have a beautiful family and I love seeing all four of us together. There are too few pictures of all of us together.

I suppose it’s sad that I needed a photo calendar to remind me of all the amazing things that happened this year. I truly am humbled by what I’ve been given. I just hope that in 2015 I’ll honor these gifts in every way I know how.

What will you remember about 2014?


  1. Not sad at all. Now you know something about yourself: you need visual reminders of how much you love (and are loved). Print out pictures and stick them in places where you can go to them and remind yourself of these moments whenever you feel like you’re drowning or disconnected or alone. They can be your reminders when you aren’t feeling “enough.”

    I love the year in review post, btw. You’ve inspired me.


  2. I’m so glad you got to reminisce on all the wonderful parts of this year. I always do a year in review type post but I’m not feeling it today, nothing of real IMPORT happened this year, though there were plenty of good times and tough times and times in-between. Happy New year!

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