1. I thought we dodged that bullet when the first try failed. Unbelievable how callous people are.

  2. Thank you, friend. I’m encouraged to see the impact this little post is having (I just pounded it out in frustration the last few minutes of naptime). As you know I live in “pro-life world” and I just can’t be silent. My child’s actual life is at stake. Thank you for sharing. Love you.

  3. You should have seen the discussion on this post on her FB wall… It was intense but constructive.

    This post is spot on, so I shared it on FB. Crickets from my Republican friends… Not one like or comment. So strange to me how they’re all sitting silently by as this reality unfolds.

  4. It’s a tough call for us conservatives. I obviously condone abortion, it’s a no questions asked thing for me. However, we also had almost a 45% tax rate last year, which amounted to almost 2 and a half million in taxes. My husband employs over 300 people and pays for most of their health insurance and we should pay more in taxes for others? At some point enough is enough. We have mortgages and bills and kids who need to go to college as well. Not to mention our parents that we take care of as well. And the charities we generously support each year. We aren’t bad people. Get off your soap box.

    1. I agree you shouldn’t pay health insurance for employees. This is why we need a single payer system. It doesn’t make sense to segregate health insurance consumers into so many small risk pools.

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