My daughter hit me today.

Right in the face. Knocked my glasses clean off.

It’s the first time she’s hit me since we started the diet. We’ve been off it for about a month.

At home, when I am shopping and preparing food, we still follow it. But when we’re out and about, or she’s with other people, or my husband is shopping, we don’t.

I know it’s not necessarily related. She’s tired. It’s the first day back at school after a long break. Vision therapy makes afternoons challenging. I understand that correlation isn’t causation.

And yet… we’ve been off the diet for a month, and my daughter hit me today.

Sometimes you don’t realize how strong a force hope is, until it starts slipping away.


  1. I’m sorry. I’m pretty sure it’s not related, simply because Matthew will still hit me (not hard) on the leg sometimes when he’s frustrated, but it sucks. It totally sucks.

  2. I’m so sorry. No matter the cause, diet or otherwise, I’m so sorry that you’re being hit and that she felt the best course of action to deal with what was going on was to strike you.

  3. Molly has hit me on the rare occasion and it is usually sleep deprivation. Turns her into a raging cow. If it happens again after another week then maybe it is time to revisit some of the diet principals.

    1. Also I have to add that we called an adoption therapist this week and the part you will find interesting about that is the convo I had with my husband last night about how with every new thing we try, he is 100% convinced it will not work and I’m 100% convinced that it will. So far he’s winning. *ha* and *weep*

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