1. I’m totally impressed! I usually end up balancing stuff with both hands while also steering. Typically when my 3-year old wants to go biking with her own bike, but decides she’s done with it 2km from home.
    I hope the smoke is clearing.

  2. Love this! My favorite is the balloons… tied with the kids pic, of course!

    My fav on my regular bike with a rear rack was transporting a large glass baking dish (covered with foil and full of stuffing) for Thanksgiving. I was so afraid it’d meet its demise en route but a few bungees and a beach towel were all I needed!

  3. Super impressive and WONDERFUL pictures! Bet a bike shop selling your type bike would love copies to post.
    Smoke (for those not N.CA) is expected to repeat and reoccur until fires out, possibly Thursday this week or Friday. Depends on wind and if there actually is any rain of note. (Predicted but for sure and not huge storm.)
    Sending support and caring!

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