1. It is amazing how quickly time goes… Even the dreadful parts when you look back on them. Just reading, “without a diaper” made me pause and think, “yeah, I haven’t brought a diaper anywhere with me in almost 2 months.”. I’d forgotten.

    First grade. That sounds old.

    1. First grade does sound old. So old.
      And you’re right, the dreadful parts seem to have gone just as quickly, in retrospect. I try to remember that in the moment, but it rarely helps. 😉

  2. WOW! First Grade! Big step forward. No diaper is fabulous and life changed.
    Fingers crossed everyone’s ‘school is in session, life changes again’ events this fall go smoothly. Such grown up children. AWE.

  3. While not in exactly the same spot, Gus will be 6 on Thursday and start 1st grade in September. In October, Lucy will be 2! Time moves too quickly.

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