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I spent five days in Colorado last week (two weeks ago?), with three women I know intimately through blogging, but had never actually met. We made plans, months ago, to run a half marathon together in July. We spent the last few months training “together,” cheering each other on via text message as we weathered our respective challenges. I’ve run a full marathon before, and stumbled through a half once when I thought I didn’t really have to train. (Ha! That was humbling!) One of them women has done a bunch of half marathons, two of them in the spring and early summer. The other two women had never run one before and I was super inspired by their fierce commitment. Training “with” them was super inspiring and I ended up working harder than I ever expected I would.

The two of us that were flying to Denver met on Wednesday and headed to Estes Park for a couple days of hiking and hanging out (but not before having lunch with another local blogger we know, which was awesome).

Final run before the half!
Final run before the half!







On Friday afternoon the four of us met downtown for dinner before heading to bed early (ironically, since none of us really slept). The half marathon was early Saturday morning in Castle Rock, a half hour south of Denver. By 6am we were in line for our bibs and chips. It was a pretty route and the weather was perfect. We all had a great run and met our personal goals. I was super proud of each of us and was really impressed with how well everyone did.


We hung out together (and met up with yet another blogger for dinner that night) until Sunday when we each went our separate ways. It was a really fun extended weekend and I’m so glad we committed to this trip and were able to follow through.

It’s a weird thing meeting a blogger you’ve read for so many years. On the one hand you know them very well, perhaps even intimately, through their writing. On the other hand, you’ve probably never actually heard them speak before, and you certainly don’t know what it will be like to spend extended periods of time with them. It’s just a weird place to be, sitting across from someone you’ve never actually talked to, but know so much about.

It’s also pretty fucking wonderful.

I have met quite a few blog friends since I started writing (I’m lucky that people pass through San Francisco frequently), but it’s only ever been for a lunch or dinner. I’ve never flown to spend five days with women I’ve never actually met before. I was definitely nervous before I left (more because I was worried I’d be too loud and overwhelming than anything else), but I quickly realized that we were all going to have a great time (lucky for me these ladies can handle my loud). It really was a lot of fun, and I absolutely hope we can get together again soon.



  1. I am so jealous! Not just of taking a trip and meeting other bloggers (we will do this!) but of the fact that you ran a half marathon. I’ve been running for years. Only 1-2x/week, but for a long time. I’ve never been able to get past 5 miles or so. Once I ran a 10k. I guess I need something like this to motivate me.

    1. If you can run five miles you can absolutely run a half marathon, you just have to find a training program and stick with it. As for meeting up, we’ll definitely make it happen.

  2. Fabulous. So happy for the four of you. Also for the other fellow bloggers you met in CO and have met in person over the years. Much joy for your joys!

  3. This post made me grin from ear-to-ear. It was so fun to meet up for this hare-brained scheme of running a race in the dead of July at 6000 feet in the air. Next race – sea level 😉

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