Break? We don’t need no stinking break!

Monday I spent the school day with my daughter, volunteering in her classroom. She was on cloud nine. I was exhausted. (Kindergarten teachers are angles walking among us.) I left right before school ended so my daughter could head to aftercare and I could work out. Then I attended a meeting with the director of my son’s school, along with his teacher. That was super stressful and plenty upsetting–I’ll write about it soon.

Tuesday I went to work. I tidied, organized, and graded papers. I also treated myself to Mocking.jay Part 2, which made the grading more bearable. On my way home I spent an insane amount of money on a new pair of running shoes with special personalized inserts (my arches are insanely high). It’s been years since I bought a new pair and I exercise in them 3-4 times a week so I was definitely due. Actually, my knee started hurting when I run, which is what made me realize I needed a new pair. I also got a new pair of sandals, which I live in during the summer. I was already looking for a pair, and I love the ones I found.

Today I’m home with my son, who had a fever last night. He seems to be feeling better, so I’m attempting everything I already had planed for today. I’m hoping to workout while he watches some Thomas, then we’re going to meet up with daddy for lunch, because the thing I most wanted this spring break was a fried chicken sandwich from this pop-up that only serves them on Wednesdays. After an early afternoon nap, I plan to pick my daughter up early and take us to the beach as it’s supposed to be 80* on the coast today. Yep, it’s basically the day I was planning, I just have to navigate the first part of it with a two-year-old, instead of luxuriously alone.

There are still two more days of my spring break; I’m hoping to get in a little of that R&R I was so coveting. If I don’t, I’ll be okay. Attempting to refrain from blaming my mood on people or circumstances has really helped me identify my attachments, which is helping me lessen their hold over me. I still feel anger and resentment and disappointment, but none of those feelings is overwhelming.

That said, I still have a pretty big attachment to getting one day to myself this week. 😉

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