Checking In

I feel like I should check in, otherwise it will be a full week between posts. 

This week has thoroughly kicked my ass. I’m thankful that it’s almost over. 

My son has taken to his 4:30am wake up agains. That is not helping. 

No word from the jobs I applied for but it’s only been 1.5 weeks. 

What I did learn is that I’ll have to pack up my classroom at the end of the year and most likely won’t have one on either campus next year, because the construction on my campus has been delayed and we won’t have enough classrooms. I’ll be roaming around from room to room, teaching when and where a teacher has his or her prep. This is unfortunate news. I’m struggling with it. 

The students have spring fever and, quite frankly, are being total shits. Work is quite unpleasant right now. 

I have a new stress tick where my right eye lid twitches. It’s been happening a lot and when it does it’s crazy distracting. 

My daughter’s spring break ends today and mine is in a week. I’m really looking forward to those days off. 

I guess that is it for now. Happy Friday everyone. 


  1. Thinking of you. Hoping things begin to improve rapidly. Hate the eyelid tick. Usually this is not noticeable to others … if that helps at all. Hoping whatever is ongoing at your daughter’s school chilled out and resolved during the week the school was out. Weather near you is massively easier and hope that helps your weekend. Sending lots of support wishes to you through this whole process and time…….. hurrah for your upcoming break week!!!!!

  2. Ugh, how can they do that to a teacher let alone one with your years of seniority?

    I’ve had that eyelid twitch…stress/tired. I hope yours goes away soon.

  3. No idea of the validity of this but in reading about all the health benefits of magnesium (I already take daily supplements of this) I read that often eye twitches are because of deficiencies. I didn’t know that, but I used to get them often and realized I haven’t had a single one since I started taking it, so maybe it is relate? I take it because it’s supposed to help with sleep. Anyway, given the tic I thought I’d throw that out there.

    Good luck!

  4. We just got my 3.5 yr old daughter the “ok to wake” clock and already it is making a difference. It has an alarm to wake her up during the week (and it gets her out of bed instead of having her whine when we turn the light on) and it turns green when it is okay for her to get out of bed on the weekends. She loves it and so far it is working!

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