I promised to keep writing every day and then I disappeared for the better part of a week. Oops.

I’m feeling depleted these days. I consider writing a post, but when you write a post give you a little part of yourself to the world, and lately I’ve felt like I have nothing more to give.

By the end of the day my mental energy is spent. There are commutes to endure and meetings to attend, phone calls to make and emails to write. I will have a sub on Friday because on of my classes is touring my alma mater; it’s taken me all week to figure out an acceptable lesson plan for three of my classes. I still haven’t figured out the fourth.

I’m getting another cold. It’s nothing like the monster that leveled our whole family in November, but it still slows me down.

I have a lot to do after the kids go to bed and I have to sacrifice precious sleep to get it all done.

But there are bright sides. The snack program I’ve been working on at my daughter’s school finally got off the ground. Hopefully, when we get back from the winter break, it will be a self-sufficient system.

Almost everything I ordered during the big sales has come and I’m done holiday shopping. I still have high hopes to make the photo book from our summer trip so I can send it to the aunts and uncles as a Christmas surprise, but I’m allowing myself the possibility of that not happening. I do have to make a calendar for my grandmother, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

This weekend my mom might take our kids again, giving us a chance to clean up the house, which has become a total disaster. I really hope that happens, because the state of things is causing me a fair amount of stress, and I always try to do a toy purge before new things come in after the holidays.

The most exciting thing about holiday shopping this year, was realizing my daughter is pretty much out of the toy phase. She will surely get some LEGO dragon sets from her grandparents, but otherwise she’s only get books and some art supplies. I’m excited that the “toy” era, for her, is over. I’m sure my son will get enough for the both of them.

There is more to say but I just don’t have to the stamina to say it. I hope I can pick up the daily writing again but I’m not going to push it. I hate when writing here feels like a chore…

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