“DIY Couples Retreat”

This past weekend was our DIY Couples Retreat.

I will start by saying it was a really wonderful 24 hours. We had an amazing time, and I haven’t felt this close to my husband in years.

We didn’t do any exercises, but my husband did read the book, and we had some really great talks about some of the topics raised in its pages. He did mark the exercises he thought would best help us, and we glanced at them (and considered formally working through them) but in the end we decided that the conversations we were having were enough for now. The fact that he actually read the book is incredible; I still can’t really believe that he enjoyed it and took the messages to heart.

In the end, I’m glad we didn’t go to the formal retreat. The purpose of attending was to gain new skills and feel closer as a couple, and I believe we’ve done that. We promised each other that we’d pull out the book if we found ourselves struggling again, but I think after having read it, it will be easier for both of us to avoid falling into seriously negative patterns. At the very least we have a common language to employ when we want to point out frustrations or make requests of one another.

It really was a great day. For the first time in a really long time I feel truly loved and cherished by my husband, and I know he feels the same.

I can’t really believe it was such a positive experience. I am so pleasantly surprised. I’m feeling very fortunate right now.


  1. I’ve wondered all weekend how this went! I’m so glad it was a great experience. I think a lot of times, if we just take the time to talk, that we realize that we’re on the same page when we had no idea that we were even close.

    Good for you guys!!

  2. I am really happy that this worked and just how it made/makes you feel…totally worth it. I am also impressed that The Hubs read the book. Kudos. To me, it seems that our relationship works so well when we’re both on the same page. So awesome. Yeah!

  3. May be sometimes the situation seems far worse than it actually is, till we start talking and yet, saying what we actually mean and want are so difficult. At least it is for me.

    Very happy! that you guys
    had a great time.

  4. HURRAH!!!!
    Really points out how hard jobs, children, STRESS are on relationships and how important regular free time with a spouse or loved one is.
    Happy out of school summer to you!

  5. Wow, I’m really impressed that he actually read the book! And YES to how nice having a common language to base future conversations on can be.

  6. Great news! I’m glad you two are talking about productive things. And I’m so glad that he read the book! So awesome that you feel connected!!

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