Finger Tied

If there is one thing I’ve learned about myself in these many years of writing, it’s that the words do not come easily to me in times of crisis. I want to write something. I feel like I should, I MUST, write something and yet the words don’t come. My hands sit on the keyboard, lifeless.

Fellow bloggers are writing such important posts. If you haven’t been reading Mrs. T at A+ for Effort or Elizabeth at A New Version of Me, I highly recommend you head over there. They are both doing an incredible job of articulating all this hard shit eloquently and with empathy. Your time is much better spent on those blogs right now.

As for me, I’m totally tongue tied. I just can’t find the words. Even in text conversations, or face to face with my husband and friends, I’m not relating anything of substance. A part of me is disappointed in myself, but I also know this is my par for the course.

Maybe some day I’ll do this better.


  1. These are not easy times. I’ve had a post in my head for days, but it kept growing and growing and I’m not even sure what the point of it was, but I posted it so that I can stop thinking about it.

    I feel like I’m in some sort of existential crisis, which sounds so dramatic, I know.

  2. Well I’m honored to be listed with Mrs T- I admire her and her courage so greatly to really tackle these hard subjects.

    You have always amazed and inspired me in your ability to process your life through writing- I think you do a far better job at writing about crisis than you give yourself credit.

    Love you, friend.

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