Is this what the future looks like?

Twice this week my daughter has asked for something and when I informed her that I didn’t know where that particular thing was, she told me it was fine.

The first was the baby elephant, whose mommy elephant was splashing in the bathtub.

“Hey Mom, the baby elephant isn’t in here.”

“Huh, I brought in all the safari animals, I’m not sure why it’s missing. I’ll take a look in the box.” A few minutes later, I had confirmed it was not in the box.

“I don’t see it,” I called back into the bathroom, bracing myself for the irritated command to locate it, at any cost.

But no such command was issued. “Oh, okay,” she replied mildly, as I stood in her room, dumbfounded by this completely unexpected response.

Two days later she was on the toilet and needed a book (yes, my four-year-old daughter requires reading material, just like her dad).

“How about Uuk y Gluk?” she suggested, when I asked her which one she wanted. (We are deep in the Dav Pilkey canon right now–I tell myself it’s okay because we’re reading them in Spanish.)

“Shit, I muttered under my breath. “Where the **** is Uuk y Gluk?”

“I don’t know,” my husband shrugged, relieved that it wasn’t his problem. “Maybe in her room on the floor?”

Except, of course, it wasn’t. “I don’t know where that one is my love,” I called back to her.

“Okay, then bring me another book,” her voice rang out, dripping with an exasperated air of “duuuuuh” that is becoming quite common.

I raised my eyebrows at my husband, who was similarly astounded. Did our four-year-old just tell me that it was okay I couldn’t find a book? Was I not being commanded to locate said book, and threatened with a major meltdown should I fail?

I grabbed some other Capitán Underpants books and handed them to her. “Oh! Capitán Calzoncillos! I love this guy!”

And that was that.

“Is this what the future looks like?” I asked my husband, incredulous, as I settled into the couch.

“Possibly,” he mused. “Of course you still have to go in there and wipe her butt.”



  1. You know, I found that 5 was the most agreeable age so far, and the most fun (except infancy – I liked when I didn’t have to deal with discipline). I was actually a little worried when my Monkey turned 6 last week, because what if it doesn’t live up to 5? But maybe your daughter is entering a new, agreeable phase, too.

    (Do you have names here for your husband & kids? I don’t think so)

    1. I don’t yet. I have names for the kids (in my head) but haven’t settled on something for the hubs yet. I need to get on that. 😉

      It’s good to hear that 5 is agreeable. I like the sound of that.

  2. Age 4 was pretty good for us after the horrific 3s. Five has been OK – a little more dramatic than I had hoped but still nothing like the 3s! Hopefully this agreeable phase is your new normal!

  3. Oh I hope this agreeable behavior lasts for you! I don’t think we are likely to have much agreeable behavior from the kid ever and it’s hard to accept that it’s just the way she is.

  4. This sounds so much like my life! My daughter is six and I still wipe her butt. And go nuts trying to find sh*t. But there is a growing equanimity too that I appreciate.

  5. Looking forward to that stage. Right now we’re at the run around the house find it at all costs stage.

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