Getting Caught Up

I really just wanted to take a few days to rest after the big event, but there are only two weeks until the end of the trimester and I fell way behind grading and inputting scores online so it’s been more go, go, go these past few days.

It’s nice getting caught up. Sometimes I don’t realize the weight of something in the background until it’s no longer there, taunting me.

I also finally accomplished a big item on my long term to-do list (it’s been on there for over a year) and moved my retirement money to a better account that will provide greater long term yields. I also upped my monthly contribution considerably, which needed to happen. It feels amazing to get that done; it’s been languishing on my best intentions list for so very long.

So now I’m looking ahead to Thanksgiving break, and the day or two I hope to get at home to do some purging. After my son’s birthday, and before Christmas, we really need to get rid of some stuff. The house is driving me crazy again.

I’m sorry these first posts of NaBloPoMo haven’t been very substantial. I’m still sick and working well past my bedtime on stuff for school. I’m hoping things will calm down next week, once I’ve gotten caught up on all this grading.

Thanks for bearing with me until then.


  1. You are my (s)hero as I come into a hectic cluster of a week. I just think about all that YOU are accomplishing and I feel like I can (maybe, hopefully?) do it.

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