Goods and Bads (This time the Goods!)

Yesterday’s post was supposed to be about goods and bads, but I ended up writing so much about the bads–that work stuff probably should have been it’s own post–that I needed to save the goods for today. So without further ado, here are the goods from the past week.

  • We attended my daughter’s Kindergarten Promotion on Thursday. While I don’t think that kind of celebration is necessary (and it was super frustrating to miss work on that particular day), I appreciated the opportunity to take a moment and recognize how much we’ve accomplished this year. My daughter really has grown up in a lot of ways, and even though I still worry about her considerable struggles with emotional regulation, I do recognize that things are much improved.
  • My daughter’s last day of school is this Thursday. She will be going to camps until I’m out, so most of our basic schedule will stay the same, but the slightly later start time should improve mornings quite a bit.
  • I thought my washing machine was broken, but then it wasn’t. So grateful I’m not dealing with a broken washing machine right now.
  • My son is finding his sense of humor and he makes me laugh. A lot.
  • I only bought my daughter three things for her birthday. That is by far the best I’ve done on the gift buying front yet. I’m proud of myself!
  • The trampoline fiasco was threatening to be a really big blow up between my husband and I, but we managed to reign it in and handle it respectfully. It might not seem like a big deal, but it really does signal that we’re learning to communicate with each other better, and that is a big deal.
  • Dr. Google suggested that my “nose zit” was actually a recurring staph infection and prescribed an OTC ointment (bacitracin) to treat it. After just 48 hours of slathering my nostril with it three times a day it feels worlds better. I have high hopes that if I keep up the ointment for two weeks the infection (and accompanying exquisite sensitivity) won’t come back (I’ve been dealing with this, off and on, for months now).
  • The weather has been cold, cloudy and windy, which is actually a good thing at the end of the school year. If it were warm and sunny outside the kids would be even more crazy than they already are.
  • I’ve kept up my exercise regimen even though it’s driving me a little crazy to do so, and I’m proud of that, because I know it’s the best thing for my mental health in stressful times like these. I’m not really looking forward to starting my half-marathon training, but I’m hoping when I have more time it will be more enticing. (I also seem to have avoided a possible IT band issue by doing a set of exercises and stretches every week. I’m very thankful that it no longer seems to be a problem.)
  • On a related note, I have some nice color on my face, shoulders and arms right now from my weekly runs. I look so much better with a little color.
  • The day I had to take off for my daughter’s Kindergarten promotion I was able to make a big drop off at the Young Families Resource Center. It feels REALLY good to get that shit out of my garage, where it has in the way for months (we do not have a big garage).
  • My husband is starting to get on board with getting rid of more stuff, which is no small feat. Now if I could just get him to actually help me sort through it all…
  • I just finished listening to La casa de los espiritus (The House of the Spirits) by Isabel Allende. The narrator had a thick accent (I’m not sure what accent it was, actually) and it was initially difficult for me to follow it, but I stuck with it, and ended up really loving it. It’s been on my must-read list for years and I’m proud to have finally finished it, in Spanish no less. Sometimes it’s the small wins.

I feel like this list isn’t very impressive, but honestly, Monday wasn’t a great day and I almost didn’t write this at all, so I’m calling it a win. This time of year is super stressful for me and I know I just need to get through it. In four weeks it will be over and I’ll have seven glorious weeks of summer ahead of me. I really am so close.


  1. These are all really ‘goods’ and I think it is wonderful for you (and us) that you noted and wrote about each of them. It is so easy to lose track of goods when bad feel so overwhelming and then all balance or hope of balance disappears and the black swamp closes in. Particular congratulations re the exercise!

    1. It is easy to lose track of the goods. I’m glad I pushed through and wrote that last night. I was really not feeling it, but I’m glad I did it in the end.

  2. I think it’s easier to point out the bads because they are temporary. These are all really good things, but some are ones you’ve maintained (the exercising) and working of for an entire school year (daughter’s maturation)!

  3. yay! these are NOT small things—they are really big indicators of lots of stuff going well. Stuff you’ve struggled with for a long time. I’m glad you are taking the time to acknowledge them.

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