Heading into the Holidays

We spent Thanksgiving at my parents’ house. It ended up being a rather pleasant day; my husband and I both remarked at how much easier it is to enjoy an afternoon with family now that our kids are getting older. I think we’re definitely coming up out of the deep, difficult ditch that is having two small children (or has been for us). We haven’t made it up over the edge yet, but we’re so much closer than we’ve ever been. It’s nice to believe there is an end in sight and that things might some day be even easier than they are now.

Thursday morning we borrowed my dad’s tripod and took some family photos for this year’s ornament. I’m not thrilled with how they came out, but I got enough decent shots to design and order ornaments for our family and both sets of grandparents. I scored 50% of on those, so that was sweet.

Today I took advantage of App.le’s modest Black Friday deals and got myself an i.Pad. My computer is about to die and I don’t really want to spend the money on a new laptop (especially when I have to bring my work computer home every night anyway), so I finally got myself the i.Pad that I’ve been eyeing for a while. Pretty much everything I use my computer for (personally) is easier on an iPad, plus it’s nice to have another one for the kids when we go on trips. I’m excited to move the kids’ movies onto the new iPad (which has WAY more storage) to make room for some new apps on the kids’ iPad. They’ve been playing the same games for two years now because we don’t have the space to add anything new. (I know, they are so deprived!)

I got my new iPad a good case, and also took advantage of Black Friday sales to replace my phone case, which isn’t in great shape (I am HARD on my phone cases–I drop my phone probably 2-3 times a day). I absolutely believe in spending money on quality cases for my technology–my shit would be broken almost immediately without proper protection.

Otherwise I haven’t taken advantage of any Black Friday sales. A friend texted, and then eventually emailed, to inform us that G.ap (and its subsidiaries) were all having 50%-off everything sales. I did sneak a peak at G.ap, but wasn’t inspired to put anything in my cart. I don’t even want to look for my kids. I’ve also checked out Am.azon’s deals but I just don’t seem to be interested in buying anything right now. It’s a very strange place for me to be, especially when big discounts are happening. I’m a sucker for big discounts.

Maybe I’ve finally getting over my shopping obsessions? Only time will tell.

This weekend I hope to get our tree and decorate it. I’m excited to put up the few decorations we have, and to hang my new ornaments.

On Sunday I’m taking my daughter to see Cirque du Soleil’s Luzia, which is inspired by art and music from Mexico. I am a huge Cirque fan and have seen many of their shows; this will be my daughter’s first experience. Taking her to special events like this is really fun these days. I am so grateful that we’ve finally gotten to that place, where we can both enjoy a unique experience on a Sunday night. It feels like a miracle to me. I hope she enjoys it as much as I do.

Have you taken advantage of any Black Friday deals? How are you as we head into the holidays?

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