Holiday Parties

My husband and I both have our holiday parties today.

Mine will be a bummer because two colleagues are being forced out of their jobs and everyone is really angry and upset for them, and their students. They’ve been with us for 1.5 years and are very well liked and their departure will weigh heavily on everyone’s hearts.

My husband’s holiday party will be even sadder, as the mayor of San Francisco just died, and everyone in his office is devastated.

Sometimes the holidays aren’t a happy time.


  1. This probably sounds messed up, but I sort of glad that you are able to be with your coworkers during a tough time. I’m sure no one is feeling merry and bright (particularly in your husband’s office), but there is something comforting about spending a couple hours with people feeling/going through the same thing.

  2. Hope you both woke up post-the-events with clear heads and renewed courage and energy to face the end of this year and the start of the new year. As we head into a new drought year full of fire tinder or ashes in CA and with the best efforts brought to us by a party that disapproves of evidence based ideas (see CDC restrictions), courage and energy will be required. They are also required by parents of young children filled with holiday excitement.
    May your days be filled with love, cheer, rest, finished projects, and overwhelming support for your writings. Thank you for all you have done in getting me through this year…… I know I will need you in the coming year also.

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