I am thankful for…

The other day my daughter left her blankie at home and we didn’t notice until her class was walking into the school. When she realized she didn’t have it, her face crumpled and she started to wail. I knew that without her blankie she’d have a really hard day. 

So I drove home, grabbed it, and high tailed it all the way back to her school. I had to park and run in to give it to her. When she saw me in the doorway with her beloved blankie, her tear stain face looked so relieved. 

The whole ordeal took long enough that I was nerve-wrackingly close to being late for work. When I picked her up from after care, I fished a bit for a thank you, but the one I got didn’t seem very appreciative. I lamented the fact that being a mom was a rather thankless job. 

A few days later I found a paper crumpled up in the bottom of her backpack. “I am thankful for mi mom.” Was scrawled below a picture of me bringing my daughter her blankie. 
Yes I cried. 

Maybe parenthood isn’t so thankless after all. 



  1. How wonderful!! This is such a good reminder, too, that even when they don’t say it, it’s usually in their hearts.

    Did you say anything to your daughter after you found the picture? Like how much it meant to you?

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