I’d say a 3

My prescription ran out and there were no more authorized refills so the pharmacy had to contact my psychiatrist and since it’s been ages since I’ve been in for a proper visit, my psychiatrist’s office had to contact me.

When she asked me on a scale of 1 to 10–ten being the worst–how I would rate my symptoms of depression I was surprised to find myself answering with “I’d say a 3.”

My depression really is under control right now. Most of the time I feel downright content. It’s a unfamiliar place for me be, but I’m enjoying it. I feel very grateful that I’ve round a medication that works well for me. It only took ten years and numerous prescriptions, but it was worth the wait.

This coming week is my daughter’s last week in preschool. I’m feelingly strangely nostalgic about it. She’s been there for three years and it’s almost unimaginable that we won’t be returning with her after Friday.

{Of course we will be returning with our son when he turns two in October, so I don’t have to get too sad about leaving. We’ll be back.}

I’m looking forward to this week as it’s the only one where I’ll have my son’s nap time to myself. I have a lot planned, more than I could ever get done in five two-hour time slots. We’ll see what I actually accomplish.

I’m planning on having a garage sale on Saturday morning to see if I can get a little cash for our DVDs and kids’ books and toys. Some of what I hope to accomplish this week is making and distributing signs around the neighborhood and gathering and organizing everything I hope to sell. This is my first garage sale rodeo so if you have any suggestions please send them my way. I officially have no idea what I’m doing.

Tuesday is our first appointment with the PCIT therapist. I’m nervous about what she’ll say but also eager for help. I hope it’s worth the (considerable) cost.

My husband and I moved the elliptical machine from my son’s room to ours over the weekend. The thing easily weighs a couple hundred pounds and moving it was a major pain in the ass–my lower back is NOT happy about the effort exerted–but it fits really nicely on my side of the bed (much better than I expected) and I’m really excited that I can use it early in the mornings or late at night now. It’s a whole new world of exercise availability.

I’m researching a bike configuration that will let me get to and fro with both my kiddos. I know I just started a spending freeze but I’m trying to get everything used to keep costs down. Being able to bike to my daughter’s camps would be ideal–the location is too far to walk and the parking in that area is horrible. It would also be very helpful once my son starts preschool/daycare as they are moving to a site with impossible street parking and only four designated spots. It’s going to be a disaster picking up starting in October. Really, I’d love to grab groceries and run errands in my neighborhood without my car–I envisions many opportunities to bike instead of drive. I’m curious if you all think this is going against my spending freeze. I was thinking more along the lines of clothes/shoes/books/toys but maybe I’m just making excuses for myself? What are your thoughts?

By the time you all have read this I’ll have woken up at around 7am instead of 5am for the first weekday this summer and for that I will be very grateful. Those extra two hours of sleep are my biggest gift this summer. I shall revel in every minute of additional slumber.

I’m still working on a catchy name for our budget stuff. I promise I won’t let it fall by the wayside, I just need to finish up some contract work first.

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. That’s awesome that your depression is so under control right now. I think most people, on a normal day, are not a zero, so a 3 is excellent.

    We’re looking at Bean starting at the preschool where Monkey went soon, and I’m finding that I really miss it! Lucky you can go back to yours so soon.

    I have to say, though – no spending is no spending. A bike (with kid seats) is an expensive purchase, one you don’t need right now. I think you should wait.

    1. I think a three is pretty fucking fantastic! I don’t think I could ever be at a zero. Is anybody?

  2. I disagree (I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only one, though). I think if the bike is going to help really simplify your life, save time, and take some driving (which is not free for you or the earth) out of the equation, a used bike is a worthwhile purchase. Its also great exercise.I’m thinking of “spending” as being unneeded STUFF—clothes/shoes/books/toys/household items.
    Since you are mostly going to need it in the fall, it makes sense to just spend a little time each week scoping out craigslist or whatever to see if you find any great deals—or even feeling out if some friends are sellling or giving away a bike.

    I agree a 3/10 is pretty awesome and seems to be close to “normal” (whatever that means). I am sad about B leaving the school he’s been at since 6 months old. But L will be there for 2 more years, so we won’t be saying bye yet.

    1. Thank you for supporting me in my bike purchasing endeavor. We shall see if it is worth the time and money I’m investing.

  3. The bike question is a tough one and it’s going to depend a lot on your personality.

    MMM would say to get a bike. The Compact would say to get a used bike. Basic personal finance would suggest sitting down and comparing the money you would save on gas to the money you would lose buying the bike and do a full cost-benefit analysis. You would also have to think really hard if you’re actually going to use it or not.

    But your personal psychology as you’ve represented it might open spending floodgates. Only you know if getting a bike would do that. Given what you’ve said about yourself, I’d lean towards not getting the bike.

    The best compromise would be to watch freecycle/Craigslist and let people know you’re interested in borrowing/trying out a bike and let the universe decide if it wants you to get one for free.

    Another compromise would be to take on some kind of additional earnings/freelance and allow that extra earnings to go towards saving up for a bike. That would put it in a different mental category than regular spending.

  4. Garage sale advice:
    1- Make sure you have plenty of change ($1 bills and – if you’re selling anything for less than a dollar – lots of quarters).
    2- Don’t try to price each individual item unless you use a color code system (e.g., anything with a red dot is $1; anything with a blue dot is $2)
    3- Expect early birds (at least 30 minutes if not an hour before whatever time you advertise the sale to start).
    4- As the end of your sale time approaches, consider telling those who show that everything left is half the price it was earlier in the day.
    5- Decide ahead of time what (specifically) will be allowed to come back into your house if it doesn’t sell. Immediately take whatever wasn’t on that list to your local donation center.

  5. San Francisco = hills to me.
    So for ME (even when your age) this would would be a lovely dream but it wouldn’t have follow through in real life over real time … more than a week.)
    Have you looked HONESTLY at the routes you will be riding to be sure you will be able to do it. Especially with the extra weight of children on the bike. Can you do the children AND the groceries etc? Can you safely lock up the bike at places so it is there and complete when you return to go home. If these are a go and you are able to use secondhand parts for the Vast Majority of the needed items it makes sense.
    Might rent one for week to experience…. Good Luck!

  6. My husband envisioned many of the same opportunities you did and rode his new bike exactly 3 times (maybe). I think a used bike would be the best choice in case you end up not using it as much as you think.

  7. 3/10 is awesome!

    As far as the bike, I’ve pulled a Burley with one kid on my road bike and it isn’t easy. You need a double chariot/Burley and you don’t want to get cheap on those. For instance, we bought our old model very used Burley that only fits one kid for $100 on Craigslist. Seriously.

    Also, definitely take the advice to look at your routes carefully. Hills with weight are really difficult.

    But, hey, if the routes look good and doable, I say go for it! Just be ready for the financial investment of getting the chariot, helmets, etc.

    1. The routes I’m thinking of right now are flat enough for me to manage the weight. None of these are very long routes either, which helps. Hopefully I’ll build up my strength again and I’ll be able to handle some of the bigger hills, because there are definitely a lot of hills in SF.

  8. so glad summer is here and you’re able to sleep in and spend more time with those cute kiddos!

    I think a bike / bike trailer is a worthy purchase, particularly if you can find what you’re looking for used. it will save gas money, hassle, etc if you can bike so it is a worthy investiment. I love my Croozer kid for 2. I use it as my jogging stroller and as a bike trailer. we’ve gotten a ton of use out of it and it has excellent cargo space for a decent grocery run.

    1. I was contemplating a trailer but I just don’t feel comfortable towing one in traffic, not on SF streets. Having one that doubles as a jogging stroller sounds awesome!

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