Indulging the urge to do nothing

Lately I’ve not wanted to do much of anything. There is a bit of a lull in school work, and with the break starting next week I don’t feel so inclined to plan. There isn’t another PTA even for a while, so those responsibilities aren’t requiring immediate attention. I’m finding I have a little down time, and I’m choosing not to much with it. I’m kind of loving it.

Usually, when I have some down time, I read a book about a new teaching method or brush up on my classroom management. Or I plow through yet another tome on how to make a community school. But right now, I can’t seem to motivate to work ahead on anything. Most nights I just totally waste my own time. What a luxury!

For the past few nights I’ve been devouring Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga series (I ordered them in Spanish) and killing hours playing The Room on my phone (if you loved Myst and Riven you’ll love The Room). It’s totally mindless fun, and I refuse to feel bad about it. Sometimes we need to indulge the very real need to stop caring so much about everything and waste some of our precious time. Hopefully I’ll be recharged by the end of the break, and ready to do some real work.


  1. You need to do nothing but decompress over this time period. You have been running at over max pressure for a long time. Do what is imperative and then be gracious to yourself. The lull will not last but the impact helps when the pressures rebuild.
    Changing exercise patterns sometimes helps ~ sometimes it clarifies the need for a total change, sometimes it refreshes and reinvigorates a prior pattern.
    Since we are staying dry and heading towards drought again, take the time to appreciate being outdoors and dry. Lemons into lemonade! Even a new park or walk in a different part of town works to reset stress levels.

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