Just What I Needed

A huge thank you to the women who commented on my last post. I feel like I have a much better handle on the whole situation, both why it is difficult for me and how to support my friends in the future. Yesterday I bought my friend my favorite pregnancy book, one that focuses on the preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for the huge transition to motherhood. In the gift card I mentioned that I was always available to listen if she needs me. I hope that gesture will make it clear that I am here to support her in any way. I owe my other friend a thank you note for some beautiful and thoughtful gifts she gave my kids this Christmas. I will include a message in that about being around if she needs to talk. I think these more formal gestures will help me feel that I’ve been intentional enough in showing support for my friends. I do hope they reach out if they need me, I want to be there for them very much.

Yesterday ended up being a strange and wonderful day. I got to school at my regular 6am, but at 6:30 I received a mass text saying that school was closed because of a broken water mane on campus. With no water to flush toilets or combat a possible fire we couldn’t stay open. We had to stay until 8:30am to make sure no families showed up, but the emergency message system must have worked well because we only had to turn away one car.

I was planning on working in my room until the need to pee forced me to a Star.bucks, but then a friend from work that I’ve been making efforts to get closer to found me and we ended up bringing our work to her apartment and watching silly TV while we graded papers and entered scores. It was an awesome three hours of productive work time AND I had a great time with a women whose company I thoroughly enjoy. She even invited me to join her book club!

I called my husband on the way home to tell him who grateful I was for the day; not only did I get caught up on grading, but I got to hang out with a friend. Usually aberration from my regular schedule remind me of how isolated I am; it was such a welcome surprise to have someone to spend yesterday with. I drove to pick up my son feeling refreshed and energized, ready for whatever the rest of the week had to offer. It was so, so nice and I was so, so grateful.

It was just what I needed.


  1. Yay! I love when it happens that I get an unexpected break and can recharge. It’s a good reminder to take some time to recharge more often. I had better get to work scheduling that in soon!

  2. What a GREAT way to spend the day! Reading this just makes me happy (which I needed as Bryson was screaming in his room for us)! I’m glad you got some fun, but productive, adult bonding time!

    What you did for your pregnant friend was very nice.

  3. I like what you did for your friends; nice touch and I think the gesture will go over nicely.

    I love, love, unexpected days (good ones) that recharge us and give us exactly what we needed. Have a great weekend!

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