La Mitad del Mundo

Ecuador gets it’s name from being right under the equator, and there is a monument north of Quito where you can stand in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres at the same time.

It is pretty f*cking cool. 

Gravity works differently when you are standing directly on the center of the Earth. I got an egg to balance on the head of a nail. 

It was definitely a cool experience to visit the equator. I’m glad I went. 

I spent many hours yesterday trying to get from “the middle of the world” back to Quito and then to some thermal springs near one of the volcanoes. It was quite an experience, one I feel like everyone has to have in a foreign country. Ah buses in Central and South America: they are in so many ways a window into the country where they run. 

After what should have been a 2 hour trip stretched to 5 hours, I finally arrived. I have never appreciated warm water so much in my life. 

I have until 1pm at the springs’ hotel today then it’s back to Quito for an afternoon and final night at a hostal in the city. Someone is picking me up at 5:30am Monday to take me to the airport. 

See you all on the other side!


  1. Yay, what an awesome adventure!! Hope you have a relaxing final day or so before you head home. Safe travels!

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