Learning a New Skill

This Saturday we have yet another event at my daughter’s school. This one is called  Shared Schoolyard, and it’s a celebration of the opening of our school’s playground (which was recently remodeled) and turf field (which was recently installed) to the community on the weekends.

A non-profit is doing a lot of the heavy lifting for this event–they are even providing free tacos!–so the PTA has an opportunity to focus on making some money without being bogged down by the main logistics. Since lunch is provided, we will be selling drinks and dessert. We will also being face painting and making balloon animals. While I really enjoy face painting, this time I’m doing the balloons.

I used to know how to make all kinds of balloon animals–my mom dressed me up in costumes and had me provide the entertainment at my sister’s birthday parties growing up (we are seven years apart)–but I will admit I forgot how to make most of them. So this weekend I popped in a DVD and learned how to create a bunch of blow-up creatures. I will be picking 8-10 that to offer on Saturday, and I plan to practice each of them for the next five nights. Hopefully by Saturday, I’ll not only remember the steps easily, but I’ll be able to make them quickly, and relatively well.

Here are some of the animals I made.

Pirate sword.
Monkey on a palm tree.
Flower. (And my daughter’s messy room.)
My daughter and her tiger (which she decorated).

What new skill have you learned lately?


  1. Your balloon animals are impressive! That’s going above and beyond as PTA president to take the time to re-learn those and then to do it at the event. How many fundraisers is your PTA doing this year all together? What are your fundraising goals and what will that money be used for? If you didn’t raise that money, what would happen? Just curious to understand what you’re dealing with.

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