Least Favorite Work Day

Wednesdays are my least favorite work day. We have two block days a week this year, and Wednesday is our 2/4/6 day, which means I need to be at work right when then the first bell rings and I don’t get a prep period. Wednesdays are also our minimum day, so there isn’t even a lunch break. It’s basically go, go, go until the end of the day.

It’s stressful enough getting to school on time. My daughter and I have to leave the house 10 minutes earlier than any other day, and if there is traffic I am still screwed. The morning is really stressful.

Then, because my second school starts earlier on Wednesdays (why?!?!) there is only 2 minutes between my last class at the first campus and my class at the second campus. A teacher at the other school covers my class there for 15 minutes, which means that by the time I arrive the students are done with their silent reading and ready to go, whereas I’m a disheveled mess that still needs to set up. This is already my hardest class behaviorally, so starting without a moment to get ready on Wednesday, when the class is 85 minutes long, is really hard.

The icing on the cake of my least favorite day is that 2nd, 4th and 6th periods are my least favorite classes.

So Wednesdays suck, but then Thursdays are awesome. On Thursdays I get an 85 minute prep in the morning and then there is a break, so I don’t start my first class of the day until 10:20! I have one class I like, and then lunch, and then another class I like, then a break and finally my Quest class, which for me is just a Guided Study where I can get stuff done in between quick trips around the room to make sure the kids are being productive.

I do like the block schedule, because it’s nice to have two days where you don’t see every class, and where you have the time to do an activity, or series of them, that requires more minutes. But man, do I hate Wednesdays. Thank goodness they are always followed by Thursdays.


  1. Yeah, your Wednesdays do sound hectic (and what’s up with a school starting earlier one day a week? That’s bizarre.) Hope your day today is as least sucky as possible.

  2. Thursdays are my least favorite work day. Typically I am trying hard to get everything for the week wrapped up since I am either on AWS (Off on Friday) OR my boss is off on Friday. Plus we have two meetings directly after lunch followed by 45 minute scramble to wrap everything up and get out on time to pick up the kids from daycare. Thankfully Thursdays are followed by Friday 🙂

  3. Gah! How can the school district give you 2 min to go between schools? That’s not even long enough to go between classrooms.

  4. Everyone said it already. Sounds terrible and educationally highly undesirable…. but also totally outside your control. I have no idea how you manage in such chaos. Do the principals or whoever set this schedule understand how these logistics are impossible?
    You are amazing to cope with all of this.

  5. Every time you talk about your work schedule I wonder if a real live human being actually looked at your situation when they set it up. If they are going to make you continue to split time next year, will they be willing to listen to some feedback. It’s just pure insanity, especially given you don’t have a room at either location.

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