One sleep

One sleep until I leave for Ecuador. I wish I could say I were ready.

I do have my passport. And a money belt. I have an idea of what I will pack, and some of it is even piled on top of my rolly bag. I have a ride from the airport in Quito. I have gifts for my host family, and have exchanged a few emails and photos with them. They seem super nice, truly; I’m a lot less worried now. (Probably also because I have a bunch of protein bars in case I don’t like what they serve – and yes I will eat some of everything they offer me.) I have a notebook and pens for school. And my running clothes.

I informed my bank and credit card company of my travel plans. I can get cash at the airport (and have some in case for some reason that doesn’t happen). My devices are charged. I guess, once my clothes are actually in my suitcase, I’ll be ready to go.

I am definitely excited. And nervous. If nothing else it will be a new experience, and after all the job-search-and-interview newness this spring, I realize I need more new experiences or I can’t grow.

In many ways, I feel like I’ll be stepping into my past, but with an altered perspective. Traveling, especially to Spanish-speaking countries, is what I did in my 20’s, before I had kids. Now I’m married and a mother; What will traveling and learning a language be like with those lenses fastened securely? Will I revisit my 20 something self? I hope not, she was a total mess.

I feel like I should have more to say but I don’t. So I’ll leave you with this. And post an update as soon as I can when I get there.


  1. SO excited for you. There will be the whole range of emotions and lots of adventures. Cheering for you and already looking for your return.

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