One week, Two weeks

My interview was yesterday morning. I think it went okay. Probably better than the other one. I think the administrator really liked me. I don’t think the Spanish teacher there was very impressed.

They have interviews into next week but hope to let me know by Thursday.

One week.

I’m honestly so exhausted by the whole thing, I don’t have the energy to care much anymore. I don’t think I’m going to get it, and I’m okay with that. It will sting all the more this time, since I have some connections at this school, but I will get over it and move on.

I’m still packing my resources separately from my school’s resources, but otherwise I’m just not going to think about it. I can’t.

My daughter’s birthday is next Wednesday and her party is the following Saturday. I have tons of tests to grade and scores in input at school. There is plenty to distract me, and I’m hoping that by tomorrow or Saturday weekend I’m just not thinking about it anymore.

And honestly, there is a lot I’m looking forward to about my schedule next year. It will be okay either way.

At this point I am just done. My kids are so intense right now. After the three day weekend I was looking forward to going back to work! My 3.5 year old son is especially challenging. My husband and I are both totally overwhelmed with work and other commitments. We are totally spent at the end of each day.

I know it always feels this way at the end of the school year. I know these challenges are not the really hard ones, the ones I read about on other people’s blogs, the ones I hear about in other people’s lives. I know it’s just a few bumps in our otherwise pretty smooth road. I do have that perspective.

I’m just tired. And I want the school year to be over. And I want to know for sure where I’m working next year.

One week. Two weeks. Then this will all be over.


  1. Interviewing is terribly hard, particularly as it’s difficult to actually assess how you did. I’ve had interviews where I didn’t get the position where I thought I did very well followed by interviews where I felt I bombed and was offered a position (or invited to the next round). In short, it’s hard to gauge. So I fully support you putting this out of your mind.

    Good luck with weathering the end of he school year

  2. You are doing terrifically well! You are keeping going, you know it is being “end of school year” crazy, you are focused on the pros of staying with the known while looking at the unknowns of the new. And you are seeing your husband’s load of work too. I am impressed. Each interview you are learning. Keep looking and chin up because you are making it through a stressful demanding time step by step.

  3. Glad to hear the interview went well! And from some experience I have on the other side of the table, so much of who gets hired is “fit” – how your unique mix of skills and traits meshes with the specific things the employer wants, and isn’t something you can control or improve.

    And remember, that an interview is a two way street. Based on the interview, what are your thoughts on whether you’d even want this particular position?

    Good luck on getting through this last push!

  4. Congrats on doing it. You never know–one interview that resulted in one of the best jobs I’ve had, I was convinced the interviewer (my future boss) thought I was an idiot, based on the tone of his questions. Seriously–I left thinking “so much for that.”

    I’m glad you have stuff to distract you until you hear, and that in any event next year will be ok for you.

    I think it’s very positive that you’ve already scored 2 interviews in your first attempts at applying for high school jobs.

  5. Anyone with a 3.5 yr old, who’s working full time and just went on a job interview AND is ending a school year not knowing where they’re teaching next year has their hands full. These ARE hard challenges.

    Also, I agree with Kathryn about job interviews being 2-way streets. Having that mindset can change the way you come off (for the better) in an interview too. Good luck and good for you for doing it.

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