Our First Financial Success

Tonight our PTA is hosting a Parents’ Night Out to raise money. Parents pay $20 a kid ($15 for a sibling) and get 3.5 hours of childcare. We take them to the playground (glow sticks!), feed them dinner (Mac n Cheese and chicken nuggets!) and show them a movie (Trolls!) Tonight’s theme is Neon Night.

We attempted this fundraiser last year, got about 15 kids and made a little money. This year a woman who used to (and still periodically does) run a similar event at a nearby Rec and Park sent out an invite to our event to everyone on her list (at our request). Even though she ended up sending it much later than we had hoped, we still got an overwhelming response. We now have 32 kids paying to come, and with plans to do this every month (and the emails of all these parents who are interested), we are poised to make quite a bit of money for the school.

Fundraising at a school like my daughter’s is especially important because of the significant economic needs of the students. It’s also really difficult for that same reason. Planning a fundraiser that brings in money from the surrounding community, and creates a positive association with the school, is a double win for us.

This was my idea and I’m doing most of the execution. I will also be the parent most involved with the kids tonight because I feel very comfortable with large groups of kids I don’t know (being a teacher has its perks!). If this even goes well (the kids have fun and the parents want to come back) it will be a massive win for us, and especially me. And I really need a win right now.

Wish me luck!


  1. Wow. Congratulations. That price for 3 hours!!!! AMAZING. Can you pm me the name of school and how to know when the next event will be. Also age of child requirements. In SF on a FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!! yes. the word needs to be spread!
    FABULOUS event.
    Well done!

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