Last night my in-laws had our daughter over for a spend-the-night so we ordered Chinese food and enjoyed some cocktails and binge-watched three episodes West.world. We didn’t end up going to bed until 12:30am.

When our son was awake for the day at 7am (so amazing he’s sometime sleeping that late after a 5am first wake up) I groggily gave him the iPad and shuffled back to bed. At 8:30 I woke up with a start and realized my 3yo had been on the pad for an hour and half. Oops!

We will definitely be receiving a nomination for #parentsoftheyear.

But you know what? It was worth it. 


  1. This is my life every weekend. Today Harv came in at 5:30 crying because he had peed the bed. By 6 I gave up on sleeping and went downstairs with him. I made us both breakfast, handed him the iPad, and I turned on my show on the TV until Char came down at 7:30. 🙂 I’m glad you had a nice evening with your hubby!

  2. Probably not the most popular opinion, but my Sunday’s don’t start until 8. At the earliest. Me and my sleep deprived self have decided this is vital for survival. My 7 year old does not necessarily agree with this, and that’s ok. Because we are at the point in her life where she can work the DVD player and reach the cereal boxes her damn self. AND IT IS MARVLOUS. What she does from when she gets up to when I get up is her own business. #WORTHIT

  3. This is really nothing. really NOTHING. I was expecting something worse with that title! 90 minutes of ipad time on a Sunday morning is not going to hurt anyone…and that sleep probably helped your mood for the rest of the day!

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