Quality time with my best girl

Today my in-laws picked up my son from school today (for the last time in three weeks; they leave for Texas again tomorrow) and my daughter and I got to spend the afternoon alone together. It’s been a LONG time since we’ve had the chance to hang out by ourselves, without the impossible ever-tantruming 4-year-old around. He really does steal all the oxygen from the room these days; when he’s around, he is the center of every interaction.

So it was nice to focus on my daughter today. We went to the library, which had gotten a bunch of fun new books: the sequel to a graphic novel she has been reading over and over again, the second installment of a silly book series she loves, two of her favorites-recently released in Spanish, a Pokemon User’s Guide in SPANISH and some other gems. We both felt like Christmas had come early.

We came home and read quietly for 30 minutes while dinner cooked. She asked me what a couple words mean. We talked about some interesting stuff.

Then she watched TV (and ate dinner–yes, I know, I’m the worst mom EVER) while I worked out (I really needed it after a super shitty day), and when her brother came home we put ornaments on the tree (which looks amazing). Then she took a bath while I did my stretches, and finally we had some quality time doing things she wanted in her room (mostly coloring in her new alebrijes coloring book) and went to bed. It was a really nice night and I was really thankful we got to spend it together.


  1. THat sounds like a lovely night! It seems like not so long ago you weren’t sure you’d ever be able to enjoy time with your daughter like that.

    And please don’t guilt yourself about the tv. We all need breaks sometimes.

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