Short Circuit

I’ve been putting in long hours trying to stay on top of planning and grading in these final weeks of the school year. On Tuesday I found out I have to have my entire classroom packed the day after school ends. At 3pm that afternoon I will hand over my keys. 

I’ve been about two steps away from a total meltdown all week. It hasn’t helped that my kids aren’t sleeping. 

Then today I found out my high school – the one I graduated from almost 20 years ago – has a Spanish position opening. The job post went up on Wednesday. 

To say it put me into a tail spin would be an understatement. My impossible work load just multiplied exponentially. 

Thank god for the three day weekend. 


  1. Fingers crossed. Lots of support. Glad you have had a practice interview already!
    Glad you have the three days this weekend!

  2. Wow! Seems like a sign…your classroom will be packed up, enabling a clean break to a potential new position!

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