Some days

Some days, I make it to work with a few minutes to spare, even though my son woke up 4 times during my measly five hours of sleep, and I have time to write a blog post.

Some days I remember to put a load of laundry in AND set the timer for it to be done right when I get home from work.

Some days, I get through my five classes without feeling like a horrible teacher, or at least feeling like I can improve in the ways I clearly need to.

Some days the dentist has an opening to fix my recently fallen out filling at the only moment I have available that week.

Some days my son finally goes to sleep even though he’s been fighting his nap for an hour, and I have time to get some much needed grading done.

Some days I actually put that load from the morning into the dryer right after I put my son down for a nap, rendering that morning’s effort Useful and Productive.

Some days I have the inner fortitude to hold my ground when my daughter tells me herself that she didn’t eat her lunch so she can’t have (Kid Z) bar, and after a good ten minutes of writhing and wailing, she perks up and is ready to go home.

Some days I manage to fold that load after I pick up my daughter from school, and neither kid hurts him or herself or breaks something while I’m doing it.

Some days I even get an entire second load of towels in before I need to wash the diaper covers later that night.

Some days my daughter likes the new smoothie my friend recommend, even though it has SPINACH in it.

Some days both my kids eat a reasonable dinner, without me having to coax every bite into their mouths.

Some days my son walks up and gives me a giant hug, just because.

Some day I’m able to do 30 minutes of contract work in the bathroom while my kid plays in her bubble bath.

Some days my daughter keeps telling me that she’s making good choices (ie not screaming her head off) while we wash her hair, and she actually is.

Some days I remember to put the diaper covers in before I start putting my daughter to bed, which means they’ll be ready to hang before I want to go to bed.

Some days my daughter tells me she loves me eight times before she (finally) falls asleep.

Some days I open my reader to find four new blog posts, all announcing incredible news from women I am thrilled for.

Some days my husband greets me with an appreciative nod, and later he even hugs me.

Some days I realize I left my phone on the washing machine before I spend a hour looking for it upstairs.

Some days a long-time friend replies that they’d love to start a new tradition where we share a cabin somewhere in the summer. Would late July work?

Some days a new  friend texts to remind me that the photography show her photo is in opens tomorrow and she hopes I can have drinks after to celebrate. I tell her I can’t wait.

Some days I don’t feel too beaten down at the end of an 18 hour day, and I’m not even dreading the next one (even though I’m pretty sure my son will wake me up a bunch of times that night).

Some days I feel like I just might be able to do this, this thing that is my life.

Some days.

What do your some days look like?


  1. Did all that happen in one day?? That’s a pretty awesome day.

    (Btw, I tried to comment on your last post, but the internet ate it. It was a comment that required some thought, so I’ll try again later.)

    1. It was all one day. And I felt pretty darn good at the end of it.

      I’m sorry the internet ate your comment. I’ve made it a habit of copying everything I write (especially for a comment) before I press submit. It has saved me from a lot of frustration. Of course sometimes I forget and then… AH!!!!!

  2. I wish those “somedays” were everyday. But then again, if they were, I think I’d end up taking them for granted. Those awesome days somehow just refresh me enough to keep on going!

  3. That was soothing to read. and some days everyone in your house is puking including you and…well…I can’t really think straight right now. I’m glad you had such a nice day, its those days that help us hold it together on the other kind…

  4. I’ve been meaning to comment on your last few posts, they have resonated deeply with me. Alas, my recent days have been eaten by the realities of two children and a husband who is working late. But, I have a moment, so I’ll comment on this one.

    My “some” days look a lot like yesterday: I got 7 hours of sleep, dinner was healthy and warm, and my kids were happy most of the time. Of course, there were also several tantrums, spit-ups, and dirt-throwing incidents….but hey, it wasn’t bad.

    Your day sounds awesome and I’m so happy for you!!! I hope they continue!

  5. What a lovely lovely post.

    Now you’ve got me thinking about what my somedays look like. The good ones and the bad ones. Food for thought (and maybe a blog post).

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