Some Random Thoughts on a Sunday Night

These days. They feel long. Really long. And then I remembered, today is the longest day of the year. While I’m always sad to see the daylight go, I could use some less long days.

I asked our therapist for suggestions on how to respond to aggression from my daughter, but first she wanted to know what I have been doing in those types of situations and of course it was hard to put it into words. I couldn’t quite remember, even though it happens all the time. I block a lot of this stuff out. Then yesterday there was a spectacular opportunity to be reminded and so I paid careful attention. After I put up my first budget post, I wrote her a long email. It was hard. I cried a lot. Writing it out… hurt. But I did it. And I sent it. And all I can do is hope it helps.

I finished All Your Worth. There wasn’t really a section on living in places where prices are higher. There also wasn’t anything about pensions, which frustrates me because I have no idea how I should view my pension, especially since I’m not also contributing to social security. I did appreciate the book very much and it has definitely helped me to understand how to get started with a savings plan. I’ll let you know as I take some of the first steps this summer.

I want to write a post explaining the exact purpose of my budget posts along with my goals for the summer, the rest of the year and the more ambiguous “future.” I want to make sure I’ve made it really clear to myself, and everyone I’ve asked to help me hold myself accountably, what I’m actually trying to accomplish so that I’ll know if I’ve succeeded come mid-August (and beyond).

My dad helped me get the bike all set up today and I took my soon out on our maiden ride. (My parents had that helmet I was looking for! Yay!) We went to Safeway to get a few things I needed for my daughter’s lunch at camp. The ride was awesome. He loved it almost as much as I did. I can’t wait for my daughter’s seat to come, but I appreciate having some time to get comfortable riding with my son up front before I have all the weight on the back. It’s going to be absolutely nuts riding with both of them. I DEFINITELY need a double kickstand. I’m shopping around.

Sorry it’s taking me so long to respond to comments these days. I’m realizing I need to wake up an hour earlier than everyone else if I want some time to this kind of stuff done–I’m just too tired at the end of my most days. I did wake up early and used the elliptical for the first time today. I realize I need a good fan to blow on me because I can’t open the windows (like I usually do) when my husband’s still sleeping. Luckily my parents have one I can borrow at least for a few weeks while they are away in Italy.

This week should be a lot more low key than last week. At least I hope it will be. Only time will tell.

And because the bike ride was really, really fun, here are a few (heavily filtered) pictures to commemorate the occasion.

IMG_0139 IMG_0140


  1. I was going to suggest you try the bike ASAP and with one kid before going to two! I’m glad its all coming together. I still contend the bike was a good purchase, I hope it pays off for you in terms of fun and convenience.

    1. I’m really loving the bike. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it in this space but I used to ride my bike a lot. Like hundreds of miles a week. I was a road bike rider and I have completed MANY centuries and even done a couple of double day, 180+ mile rides. It was a HUGE part of my life. I’ve always wanted to make it a part of my daily existence but with my 25+ mile commute it wasn’t possible to ride to work every day. Plus it was always so hard to store a bike in our tiny old apartment. Even know, with a garage, that is a big challenge to this. But I do think I can make it work. Tomorrow my daughter and I will try out her seat while my son is at his grandparents’ house. Maybe later this week, after a few more rides which just each of them, I’ll try it out with both.

      1. You didn’t mention it—definitely not on the post about whether to buy a bike. The fact that biking is a passion of yours sways me even more to the side that it was a good idea to make the purchase!

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