Splitting the Difference

Wake up time here has been pushed back to a heavenly 7:30am, sometimes even 8am, during the break (yes, I know, my kids are good sleepers). Waking up tomorrow at 5:45am is going to be brutal, so this morning I dragged my ass out of bed at 6:45am, in a pathetic attempt to ease myself into real life. 

The whole family has been sick these pay few days and the circle of sickness is finally complete. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I feel like shit on a shoe this morning, and what’s worse is I might have finally succumbed to the pink eye that my daughter had on Christmas and my son had the last few days. If I have to get a sub tomorrow, after two full weeks off, I’m going to laugh so hard. 

Then I might cry. 

If it’s just this awful cold I’ll soldier on tomorrow, but if I have visible pink eye I can’t go in, at least for a day. I really hope this redness is just from sleep and the gunk I excavated was just your run of the mill sleep-in-my-eye. 

Please let that be the case. 

Come on lucky number seven!


  1. For pink eye and missing your classes as a result: If you have to do sub plans, do them for 3 days all at the same time. Think of it as husband at work and both children in school/care and you…… free at home to do as you wish. Garbage can at the ready.
    However, as adult pink eye really really hurts in my experience, I hope it isn’t.

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