This weekend there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It’s been raining A LOT lately–I can’t remember the last time I so enjoyed seeing the sun!

We spent Saturday morning at the park before my son’s soccer “practice” (they play games that teach basic skills). After we got home, I left for an afternoon with some college friends who were in town for a bachelor party, and had invited me to a couple of hours on campus, a bit of a walk down memory lane.

It was so nice to get away, and so great to see some familiar faces.

My friends headed back to the city before 6pm, but I wanted to avoid bedtime, so I walked around a bit, replacing a sweatshirt I ruined last summer and getting the kids a a shirt each on sale. I toyed with the idea of seeing a movie alone, but there wasn’t anything starting at a convenient time.

I was home by 8:30 and only had to snuggle my daughter for a bit. It was nice to get a break from bedtime.

My husband left for a short business trip before we all woke up Sunday morning. The kids and I hit up the zoo, then I worked out while my son napped, and when he woke up we all went to a little get together at one of his friend’s houses.

My daughter’s preschool class eventually became quite close and I still see many of the families that we know from there a few times a year. I haven’t made any attempt to get to know the parents of my the kids in my son’s class. I think mostly I just don’t have the time, energy or inclination to initiate, so I really appreciated somebody else planning something so I could some time with them today. They all seem very nice, and one family lives right around the corner from our house. My son is a lot more socially inclined than his sister was at this age; he would genuinely love to get together with friends outside of school. Now that I’ve finally met–and talked to–a few of the families, I’ll be trying to set up some get togethers.

Only one more week until I get a week off! The kids get President’s Day, but I get the whole week. Also, the 7th graders on one of my campuses are going to outdoor ed this week, which means one of my classes will only have about half the kids. It’s not a big difference, but I’ll take anything that makes my days a little easier.

My husband comes back very late Tuesday night, so this trip is short. We’ll probably hardly realize he was gone. 🙂

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  1. Weekend was lovely and I enjoyed it also. Rain end of this week again so do not put the boots away.
    Hope the business trip, from the point of view of those at home, goes well.
    Delightful that you get time ‘off’ next week while children are at school. Make your to-do list. Then cut it down to only 3 or 4 items that you estimate can each be done in 60 minutes or less because you really will not have much more actual time for you to do things. I do not know why that is true bur it does seem to be true.
    Cold today again but am finally seeing growth buds starting on the rose bushes and daffodil leaves are starting to appear above ground. Counting joys!

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