That Lingering Feeling of “I’m looking for something”

I have lost a LOT of things in my life. I’ve misplaced countless others. This means that I’ve spent A LOT of time looking for things.

So. Much. Time.

I’ve noticed that when I really get in the groove of looking for something, it’s hard to get out of that groove. Even after I’ve found the thing, I still approach a spot and thing, maybe it’s in here! I haven’t checked here! Even if I’ve already found it.

Am I the only one who does that? Gets so deep in the “I’m looking for something” groove that it takes almost 24 hours to shake it?

I will admit, that if I have found the thing, it’s such a relief when I remember that I’m not looking for it anymore. That part is kind of nice. Of course if I haven’t found the thing (the more likely scenario) it really bums me out.

It’s such a weird phenomena. It just shows how emotionally invested I get in finding things, the distress reverberates as it dissipates.

In case you’re wondering, I did find the purse with my really expensive sunglasses in it. And then, as an added bonus, I found my second pair of regular glasses behind a piece of furniture in my daughter’s room when I had to move it because she dropped something down there. They had been gone so long I wasn’t even looking anymore. A double win!


  1. I don’t do that.
    But I do dream about finding a missing object and wake up so excited it is found ~ but can’t remember what or where it was. Fallout I think from being responsible for so many home moves and big office moves for large groups.

  2. I never lose anything, I just lose track of them. Ha! Brian hates when in say that. I’d ice lost track of something, I lose my mind until it’s found. A brand new pair of jeans went missing for 7 years, I shit you not, and they haunted me. Brian found them deep in Matthews closet one day. More proof that it wasn’t lost. Ha ha!

    Big win on the double find!

  3. I lost things all the time when I was a kid, and it was awful. My mom was on me for it all the time. Now? I hate losing things so much that I’ve basically built my life in such a way that I CAN’T lose something. Everything is in its place, usually. On the off chance I do put something down in an odd chance and can’t find it, I’m usually able to retrace my steps and find it quickly, because I keep track of all my actions on the off chance I lose something.

    It’s totally because I lost everything as a kid, though. And it’s hard, because I really find myself getting frustrated with Owen when he misplaces something AND has no idea where he had it last. I’m trying not to do what my mother did to me, though.

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