The Home Stretch

May and June are always really stressful months for me. Now that I have a kid in school that stress is compounded three fold.

There are just so many events, so many celebrations, so many expectations on parents to bring food to this or that thing. This week was Teacher Appreciation Week and it’s important to me that we show my daughter’s teachers that we hold them and what they do in high esteem. I have to take my last day off to attend my daughter’s Kindergarten Promotion and then that night it’s my school’s Open House. My husband (and his parents, who are my back-up child care providers) are out of town next week when we’re testing on a block schedule so I have to take an hour off (that I don’t actually have) because I can’t be at work until 9am, but have to be here at 8am. There are three or four special celebrations at my daughter’s school in the evenings between now and the end of May. Then there are special celebrations at my school the three weeks after that. My daughter’s birthday party is the first weekend in June, and I haven’t even really started planning it yet (though we did reserve a spot at the park, so at least that’s done).

There is just so much to do and I’m not really sure when I’m supposed to do it all. I’m also worried I’m going to forget about it half of it entirely.

Ugh. I hate this time of year.

Six weeks to go.


  1. I am staggered at this. Or rather, at the sheer number of events you’re expected to be involved in with your daughter’s school/class, when she is still so young. Three or four special celebrations in the evenings? That’s just unreasonable. Over the top! Ridiculous even.

    Way back in my day (the “olden days,” lol) at the end of the school year we had a school picnic (for the whole school), maybe a concert in the evenings (for the whole school), and that was it. Much easier to handle for parents who were already stressed.

    Good luck getting through it all!

    1. I really do think it’s gone WAY overboard. I don’t even think there should be a K promotion. It’s just not necessary. But I know a lot of other parents would be disappointed, so they’ll probably never stop doing it. Blerg.

  2. It sounds insane. All I can do is say I shall be holding good thoughts for you throughout these next weeks. Wish that helped.
    On the other hand, based on all you have done to date that was also insanely overloaded, I do have faith you will get through this time as well … and your summer will also be overloaded.

    1. I will get through this time. It’s finite, and I believe I can get through anything if I know when it will end…

  3. Oh jeez, hang in there. Hey, the big thing…you reserved the place in the park, so one less stress down. Whew. You certainly are in the home stretch!

    1. I know, reserving the park is a huge weight off my shoulders. Now I just need to get the evite out.

  4. You can make it through! My kid is having a birthday party almost 2 months late because life happened. She will survive. All those events are an awful lot to expect of families. Deep breaths, you will manage one way or another.

    1. They are an awful lot to expect of families. (The truth is I’ve put myself in a situation where more is expected of me and my family, but I haven’t written about it yet. Probably soon.)

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