The Little Things (that make up life)

This Sunday was super warm in San Francisco (90 degrees), which after a summer during which it barely made it over 70, felt exceptionally warm. We took the kids to the beach on the bay side that overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. We go to this beach, even though it’s the farthest away, because it has a nice estuary where the kids can swim in water that isn’t 50*.



Immediately upon arriving we ran into my daughter’s friend and her family (and their other friends). Having friends around made my daughter super happy, and we didn’t have to entertain her at all! That means I got to focus on my sweet almost-three-year-old, who is such a pleasure when there isn’t anyone else (ahem, his sister) around to provoke him. One of the other kids also brought a boogie board, which I used to some success in the freezing bay waves. It was a gorgeous day with friends at the beach, and we all had an amazing time. Lately, these are the days I live for.

*   *   *   *   *

The washing machine repair man came to fix our broken unit. Turns out my nemeses the mice were responsible. They bit through not one, but two hoses, and left their droppings all over the inside of my machine. He originally only fixed one hose, which he assumed was the problem and had ordered ahead of time and brought with him. When he found it chewed up in my machine, he was sure that was the problem and replaced it. When I ran a load later, it was leaking just as badly as before. I texted him to let him know and he actually came back Saturday night to see what was going on. (I should also note, that he ran it before he left, but my machine senses a load before it turns on and without clothes in it I don’t think it actually dispensed water while he was there). He then ordered the other hose and returned on Monday to fix it (charging me only for the part and not for additional labor). I’m fucking pissed at the mice for causing $300 in parts/labor, but am stoked to know we have an appliance guy we can absolutely trust. Silver linings, right?

{And yes, it’s all out war on the mice now. We are no longer taking prisoners. I am terrified the next thing they do is cause an electrical fire. Little fuckers.}

*   *   *   *   *

The book fair is over!!! Holy shit am I glad for that!

*   *   *   *   *

My kids have a dentist appointment this evening and I really don’t want to go. My six year old daughter has only been once, when she was four (yes, I know, I’m a horrible mother) and we were told to floss once a day at the visit, and then promptly never flossed ever (there was no way I was fighting that battle with my sensory sensitive kid every night). My son frequently complains that his “mouth hurts,” but I suspect it’s his throat (it usually happens the night before he wakes up with a horrible cold), so I will appreciate knowing that he doesn’t have any cavities. I just hope we can get through the appointment without some massive meltdowns.

*   *   *   *   *

I’m doing up Día de los Muertos really big this year at school, and I’m pretty excited about it. I used some of my PTA money to get decorations and supplies to make an ofrenda. I’m writing a whole chapter the centers around the holiday and hoping to throw a big festival on the actual day. It should be really fun. I hope the students like it.

*   *   *   *   *

All the Halloween costumes for my family have already been procured. I guess with the stuff being out in stores since August, I was inspired to get it out of the way early this year. I’m excited for the season this year. I can’t wait to take out our decorations and do up the entryway behind the gate. My daughter REALLY loves Halloween and her enthusiasm is contagious. I’m definitely ready for October and all the festivities it brings.

*   *   *   *   *

I’m starting Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with my daughter. To say I’m excited would be a significant understatement. Starting the Harry Potter series has been on my parenting wishlist for a while now. I really hope she likes it…

*   *   *   *   *

My daughter read her first chapter book. It has a ton of pictures, so it’s not really a chapter book, but she’s pretty excited about it none the less (as am I). She is so close to really enjoying reading on her own. I can’t wait befor her to get there.

{The books she read is The Bad Guys, by Aaron Blabey, which I HIGHLY recommend. So, so entertaining and funny. A great book. We’ll definitely be getting the second one when it comes out in Februrary.}

*   *   *   *   *

I just listened to Brené Brown’s The Power of Vulnerability again for the umpteenth time. I can’t think of another piece that has so profoundly affected me. Every time I listen to it I learn something new about myself and the world. It definitely helps me find myself when I’m stressed and overwhelmed.

*   *   *   *   *

My hip and lower back continue to bother me. I realized it’s probably my very heavy computer bag (which I have to lug between schools and then out to my classroom, which is even harder to get to this year with half our campus under construction) that is causing/exacerbating the problem. I ordered a backpack with wheels, the need for which I find surprisingly upsetting. I don’t know why it bums me out so much, but it does. I just hope that once I have it my lower back stops hurting. The constant pain is becoming very tiresome.

*   *   *   *   *

The multiple nightly wake ups continues. I’ve gotten so little sleep the past few nights, it’s really starting to wear on me. I just wish both my kids would sleep through the night, at least once… I know that one day they won’t need me so much in the nights, but right now that day feels very, very far away.

What little thing are making up your life right now?


  1. First, the beach looks gorgeous. We drive to a beach a bit farther away to get some space. My kids LOVE the beach and it always is a great day. My back and neck have been bothering me, I am sure it is from the multiple weird positions I sleep in or attempt to sleep in on the nightly. I have a thought that when my youngest is 2 or 3 I’ll be getting lots of sleep – currently I wake up approx. 100 times between the 4, 2 and 5 month old. This post has busted my bubble in that I wont sleep until they are teenagers:)

    1. I think some kids sleep through the night, mine just don’t seem to. My son has some good nights when he isn’t sick, but he’s sick most of the time right now. I hope you get some solid rest soon.

  2. We’re reading The Bad Guys too! My 1st grader can’t quite read it herself but we are loving it. And yes…our book fair is still going and man, the volunteers and teachers are rocking it and made me think of you. Kuddos! Phew!

    Man I’m so jealous of you and your Halloween efficiency. I’m still trying to get things assembled. But yep, my kiddos love Halloween. Probably b/c all the candy.

    Which leads me to – I was shocked when a co-worker of mine told me his 6 year old daughter has never been to the dentist. Why? He doesn’t really feel the need until she starts losing teeth. I get it but still dumbfounded. But hey, take us who do take their kids to the dentist, we floss – not every night, more like every other night – and tomorrow, we have a dental appt for my 6 year old for two cavities…whopping $400. Gulp. So, who knows.

    Feel better! And “go to the mattresses” with those mice!

    1. I’m definitely worried my son has cavities. I had HORRIBLE teeth as a child (actually, I had hypoplasia, which is when your teeth don’t have any enamel. I had cavities all the time, and two root canals on baby teeth! My daughter seems to have avoided this but I worry my son might not be so lucky. We have decent dental now so a cleaning is free (with our old dental it was $150-$200 a cleaning, so I stopped going as regularly), so I really have no excuse for why I haven’t taken them much. Just me being lazy.

  3. Wow, that is so gross about the mice! What are they even doing in your washing machine? Ugh! I hope you can make them go away.

    I am very impressed with your Halloween efficiency, too. I have been focused on buying Chanukah gifts and on planning birthday parties. Also I’m hosting a family dinner for Rosh Hashanah next Tuesday. Maybe after that and J’s party, I can focus on Halloween. Fall is so busy!

    1. They are in my washing machine looking for water, which I suppose makes sense, especially when you consider how dry it’s been in CA for the past five years. There is no water anywhere! (Except the hoses of my washing machine).

      Fall is so busy. I feel like it starts in October and it doesn’t stop until after New Years. Such a long (but fun) haul.

  4. I have thought only minimally about halloween. We are trying to get through L’s birthday first…which means it’ll be a last minute scramble as usual. At least my kids don’t have the chance to change their mind on their costume after I’ve bought it!
    The beach sounds so lovely. If there is one thing I regret, its not living near enough to the beach to do spontaneous day trips. My kids did surprisingly well at the dentist and love going (its fun, I wish my dentist had movies & gave me prizes and let me pick the flavor of toothpaste, too!) Flossing is AWFUL. We’ve been doing it nightly for over a year and my little guy still cries big tears EVERY DAY.
    thanks for the book rec. I’ve been trying to get B to read a chapter book to no avail (though he is plowing through Tiny Titans). I’ll have to find this one for him.

    1. My son’s birthday is right before Halloween, but luckily he’s only turning 3 so I can avoid a birthday party for another year. Yay! And yes, as soon as I get them their costumes and they try them on and say that is what they want to be, there is no turning back.

      I hope B likes The Bad Guys. It’s a really funny book. I loved it.

  5. Little Monster LOVES preschool and seems eager to read (oh my), the Kid is still indecisive on Halloween costume but my fluffy blue unicorn pjs have been here for a couple weeks. Our local Halloween parade is very soon so who knows what the girls will wear to that? We bought candy though, about 34 lbs so we should have enough this year. Your dia de los muertos unit sounds awesome. Little Monster is now sneaking into our room and often also bed every night to snore loud enough to wake me repeatedly (she sleeps just fine) so I feel your no-sleep pain.

  6. Beautiful beach and thanks for this post catching us up on what is going on with you. Definitely noting that book idea. I hope the dentist turned out okay. I’ve always been intrigued by Dia de los Muertos and wishing that I could learn more about it the celebration – do you have any good resources that you can point me to? It was so striking when you were doing the time logs how little uninterrupted sleep you were getting. I’m so sorry about that- it’s the worst. I’m so impressed that you can do the things you do, especially with such little sleep.

  7. Oh the backpack thing! I feel ya. I have to use a backpack instead of a cute tote because my shoulder/neck get jacked up easily. Hope the new one with wheels helps you out.

    The beach pics are gorgeous!

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