The saddest part is…

…nobody won last night, least of all the people who voted for Trump.

That’s the saddest thing.

I haven’t processed my thoughts well enough to write a post worth your time, so I’ll just share this piece on Jezebel, which brought me to great heaving sobs tears.

Abiding with everyone right now, in this time of shock, fear, uncertainty and searing disappointment.


  1. We simply must NOW focus on 2018. And have courage and each other’s hands. Hugs. We CAN do this!
    I have a very upset tummy and am staring down fears but we can do this. And we must.

  2. Working in the oil & gas industry, living in Texas, being a woman…a college educated minority woman…is hard. But it was my decision to work here, live here and get my voice heard why we should want a woman President who knows more than a thing or two about government. Walking into work yesterday was not easy where there were high fives by top managers yelling, “Trump Train”; breakfast provided by vendors with tags of “Congratulations”. I am still in disbelief. Horrified. Hopeful…although bleak. I’m with you my friend. Hugs.

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