There’s Alway’s Something

I remember back when I tracked my time for a week thinking, well it’s interesting to see how much time I spend on everything, but this isn’t really a normal week. But you know what? No week is a normal week. There is always something.

This week was supposed to be a normal week. I have a PTA meeting on Thursday, but the reality is I have a staff meeting on the two weeks that I don’t have PTA meetings, and vice versa. There is always a meeting. Every week.

But this week was supposed to be normal. And then my son threw up Sunday night, and then again this morning, so he’ll be home at least until Thursday. And when I picked up my daughter from after care there was a flier announcing their Thanksgiving dinner, ON WEDNESDAY, oh, and could we please bring a dish to share? {Thanks for the 48 hours notice–grumble, grumble.}

Also, my daughter announced her head was itching, and I had noticed her itching her head myself, so last night I pulled her hair. Luckily no lice were found. (Interestingly, I had a friend pull my hair last week because my head was itching. I also came up clean. I guess we both need some more coconut oil treatments.)

It’s also parent/teacher conference week at my daughter’s school, so I need to leave work early one day for that.

I suppose there really is no “normal week.” With two kids, there is always something.


  1. seriously, what is with the late notice for things! don’t they know I plan my upcoming week by FRIDAY of the week before? You cannot just drop shit like that on us last minute or you will be getting some pre-made deli potato salad for your thanksgiving feast!

  2. You’re right- there is always something. This was supposed to be an easy/no extras week and here we sit in the hospital. I’m in charge of the main dish for C’s Thanksgiving part on Friday (ordering Chick Fil A nuggets sorrynotsorry) but I am terrified I’m going to completely forget!

    Yay for clean heads!

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