This Week

This week is crazy. I have something big after school every day this week. I’m struggling with pick-up on two of the days. Sometimes I really miss my in-laws.

This weekend we got a lot done around the house. My husband got rid of over 200 CDs! I was so thrilled. I’ve been asking him to deal with them since we moved in. He had no idea how many there were as they were hidden around the house. He still has about 200 more to deal with, but it’s a good start!

I also got some stuff sorted out. Almost all my son’s 4T clothing is ready to give to my friend, and all the 5T clothing has been washed and put away. I finally moved his train stuff into the garage (where a box of CDs used to be!) and packed up the Halloween stuff (yes, it was still up in early December). I didn’t get rid of as much as I wanted, but I did move a lot of stuff into the garage so that at least it’s not cluttering up the house. And I do have two big Costco bags of clothes and toys to give to my friend, a bag of stuffies in the garage I hope to give away if they aren’t missed in the next few months, and a box of toys I will give away too, so I didn’t do too badly. Still, I know we have too much stuff and would be happier if more of it were gone. Hopefully after Christmas I’ll be inspired to purge more.

I’m all planned for the coming week at work. There is a lot to get done before the break! I always love how fast winter break comes after Thanksgiving break is over. By this point in the year we really need a vacation.

I have almost nothing planned with my family during our time off. I may go down to LA and San Diego to visit friends over the New Year, but those plans aren’t confirmed yet. I’m looking forward to some quality quiet time with my family after Christmas – I kind of love that we have nothing planned.

I’m also looking at flights to London for my spring break. My sister is spending this year in a graduate program there, and I have a good friend who lives there as well. It would be amazing to visit again, I haven’t been there in over a decade. I hope it all works out, but without the help from my in-laws it might not be possible.

Sorry this is all over the place. An accurate representation of what is going on in my head. In 10 days I’m on winter break. Just 10 days…

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  1. HURRAH FOR YOU TWO!!!!!! Huge accomplishment. SO happy for you and glad you have the work week planned. I think having the plan of No Plans for the school break makes absolute sense. Means maybe you can actually have a little chill space which you must need desperately after this fall. Your fall 17 absolutely made my head spin with the level of activity you were performing. Hope S.CA and London are both trips that work for you. Hope you can start the new year with January planned for your classrooms and that the PTA isn’t going to eat your world again starting 1/1/18.
    Decluttering before Christmas makes such good sense and then selective unkeeping when the children see what their new belongings are is easier and adds to your accomplishment.
    Super HURRAHS for YOU!!!!!

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