Time Log – Day 3

2:35am – Up with son for an hour

5:45 – Up with son again

6:00 – Do some work, lose it when Word crashes

6:30 – Pack daughter’s lunch and snacks

6:45 – Wake-up daughter, read a book

7:00 – Morning routine: eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, put on shoes, finish making lunches.

7:40 – Drop off daughter at school

7:55 – Drive to work (listen to music)

8:35 – Grab a couple groceries

8:45 – Arrive at work / Prep for day (no class at other campus today! Yay!)

9:30 – Start teaching

1:00pm – End school day / Eat lunch (Our school day ends early on Wednesdays)

1:30 – Prep for rest of week

2:30 – Change into running clothes / Make copies

2:45 – Sneak out early / Drive to trail

3:00 – Run 4 miles

3:45 – Drive home (listen to music)

4:05 – Pick up daughter

4:20 – Pick up son (No biting today! Yay!)

4:30 – Arrive home / Start dinner / Get in shower

4:45 – Grandparents arrive / Get dressed / Finish dinner

5:10 – Leave for Back to School Night

5:20 – Man PTA table

5:40 – Give PTA speech in Spanish

6:00 – 1st grade Back to School Night presentation

6:30 – Take down PTA table / Chat with friend / Drive home

7:00 – Back home / Get kids settled down / Daughter’s HW

7:15 – Son’s bedtime: Milk / PJ’s / Read stories / Snuggle

8:00 – Finish daughter’s bedtime: Read books / Snuggle

8:45 – Eat dinner (that husband made–yay!)

9:00 – Write notes for class tomorrow

10:30 – Pack Thursday and Friday lunches and snacks

10:45 – Snuggle with son who woke up crying

11:00 – Write this post

11:15 – Review lesson plan for tomorrow

11:45 – Go to bed



    1. My hours are kind of wonky because I’m at the two schools and they have different start and end times. The school I start at goes from 8:43 to 3:00 PM, and teachers are required to be there until 3:30 I believe. My school, where I end of the day, goes from 8:05 AM to 2:30 PM and teachers are required to stay until 3:00 PM. So basically, by starting at the later start school and ending at the earlier start school I’m giving up my prep. It’s a good thing I wanted the later start so I could take my daughter or it would be really frustrating.

      Oh, and on Wednesdays the other school goes from 8:18 to 1:15? (not sure of that end time) and we go from 8:05 to 1:00, but there is no lunch, so we only lose an hour of instructional time.

  1. Polly: Those may be hours in front of class HOWEVER the work involved is waaaay more for any teacher. My daughter teaches at a State University…. she works more than 50 hour weeks…. but may only be in front of a ‘classroom of students’ 6-9 hours a week. Being in front of the class is the least of the time required to actually teach.
    This is a VERY common misunderstanding when people compare teacher jobs to perhaps nursing jobs, or toll taker jobs or any job where ALL your work is done during set hours.
    Second point: Glad half the homework happens at after school care. It is tough when focusing and just doing it is so very hard for a child. Hopefully that improves in time, AND, hopefully the powers that be at schools begin to hear about research that questions the value of ‘homework’ in elementary grades.
    You are still documenting a really rugged schedule. I had a job where it all had to happen at the work place, 5 days a week 7am-6pm with an hour for lunch… and at least 5 hours on the weekend at my place of work. Yes, it was tough, and Yes, I was paid women’s wages not what the men were paid. And we survived, life changes I promise…. though what the changes will be are unclear always.
    VOTE in November and at every election.

    1. I find it interesting all the judgment that you assumed from my simple question (and the level of judgment that you are projecting back). For the record, I am a certified teacher and, though I am not currently teaching, have taken my turn in front of a class and all that entails. I was clarifying her actual in-front-of class hours because I was surprised – if I’m understanding her correctly then Georgia public school teachers are teaching probably 9+ hours more/week. I’m curious about the difference between states.

  2. you do a LOT LOT LOT of stuff my friend! And your kids don’t sleep, which makes everything 1 million times harder. I hope your little guy starts sleeping later soon—that breathing room in the morning, when you can get up BEFORE them is so so helpful. (or just sleep in a little more).
    Also, you pretty much work a split shift type schedule. Your teaching time during the school day and then the prep work you do after the kids are in bed. You can use this week’s data to estimate prep work time and then build that into your planned schedule (looking at your other commitments for the week) so that you can get it all in. That way its planned for, rather than feeling like an imposition/annoyance that you are just working into the cracks of your evening. (does this make any sense? I SEE it in my head but can’t explain it)

    1. There is a lot more work prep this year, and it is really killing me. I didn’t realize how much I was getting done during my one less stressful class last year, but now I have to be ON, ON, ON for every minute of every class and I can’t get anything done during those hours. All I do is create more work for myself. And I’ve been trying to leave work early to pick up my son before the second play ground hour at school, because every biting incident during this second round has happened on the playground. Those two things, together, are really creating A LOT of work to do at other times. And I feel you on the mornings. I wish I could just wake up at a reasonable time and have ONE guaranteed hour to myself, but my son wakes up so early these days, I just can’t seem to get that.

  3. My takeaway from this project of yours is that you’re not wasting much (any) time because there’s none to waste! How are you feeling about seeing it all in black and white?

    1. Yeah. I guess I don’t “waste” much time, but I still think some things take too much time. The bedtime routine feels like it takes too much time, but both my kids want some time with me and I want some time with them too. But I also don’t like to be in with them until after 9pm. Blerg. The mornings also suck because it’s such a crap shoot when my son will wake up. I wish I could have a guaranteed hour in the morning just for me, but that hasn’t been the case in a long time.

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