Time Logs – Day 7

Finally, a fun day!

12:45am – Son wakes up coughing and needs to pee

7:10 – Son wakes up for day, upset about his bad cough, but also wanting to know when we leave for Gre.at Ame.rica (our local amusement park, with water slides)

7:20 – Get up with son because daddy just won’t do / Snuggle in bed for almost half an hour, then read books

8:10 – Start packing for GA

8:30 – Wake up daughter and keep packing

9:00 – Breakfast and lunch prep / Get kids dressed

9:35 – Leave for GA

10:10 – Make record time arriving at GA

10:45 – Finally at kid rides and water section / Go on a few rides / Meet up with my parents

11:00 – The water is on! (We came because it was in the high 80’s and also the last day this season that the water park is open)

12:00 – Stop swimming for snacks

12:30 – Hit up the wave pool

1:15 – Walk son around park so he’ll fall asleep

1:35 – Son asleep! (YAY!) / Lazy river and wave pool with daughter

2:30 – Son up / More water fun and rides

4:00 – Head to front of park / Bathrooms / Etc

4:20 – On the road

5:00 – Home with two tired kids / Kids watch TV / Start laundry

5:30 – Attempt light elliptical workout (hip/lower back is SERIOUSLY hurting) / Start this post / Read work emails

6:00 – Off elliptical (15 mins early) / Stretch / Move laundry to dryer

6:30 – Get kids in bath / Wash son’s hair

6:40 – Order son new shoes

7:00 – Get son out of bath / Start bedtime

7:15 – Husband takes over son’s bedtime / Wash daughter’s hair

7:25 – Snuggle son

7:35 – Take shower (Feels so good – it’s been SO MANY DAYS!)

7:45 – Continue this post

8:00 – Snuggle daughter (she fell asleep so fast! Yay!)

8:15 – Reheat dinner and watch a little TV with husband

8:50 – Fold laundry

9:05 – Make lunches for M/Tu/W. Pack snack for tomorrow. 

9:15 – Take more painkillers for hip/lower back

9:25 – Publish this post. 

9:30 – Go to sleep! Yay!


  1. Glad you had a fun day. Re: showering – there were (brief) times in my when I thought I didn’t have time to shower daily and took to showering every other day. I’ve since learned that showering daily – even if it is literally a two minute shower – makes a huge difference in my mental health. I don’t care what is going on now; I shower every.single.day. Do you think two minutes would make you feel better too or would it just tick you off that it wasn’t longer?

  2. SUPER LOVELY to read you had good day with YOUR kids. This is why we want to become parents. Congratulations!
    Also noted you did lots of prep work for the week. Hope it pays off.

  3. Contemplating the implications of silence on logs. Probably due to NO TIME TO WRITE AND POST. Given the writing and posting on the other over full days….. well, horrific to contemplate.

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