Toddlerdom, Take Two

My son is 16 months old today, and he’s officially entered toddlerhood.

He is finally walking (ahem, toddling) everywhere, but that isn’t why I know we’ve arrived.

In the past two days he’s spit at me when I asked him to stop doing something, hit me when I took something dangerous away, and had a total meltdown when one of his crackers snapped in half.

Yep, I’ve got a toddler on my hands.

I have to admit, I’m kind of panicking about it. My daughter is already hard enough, and I thought I had a bit more time before he started driving me batty…


  1. Upside: the rascal phase peaked at age 2 with the kid so since you’re starting early, it will also be over sooner too!

  2. 1) it is a phase of becoming independent and as he has more language it will improve.
    2) he has been watching his sister … when you see the therapist re her ask re him as well. Because we learn from our older sibs……

  3. This is when Bryson got difficult too. For months later, well…. You know. He’s a stinker!

    You’re little guy is so cute, it’s hard to imagine him being naughty.

    1. Yeah, it’s definitely scarier now that I’ve had a taste. I try to keep reminding myself that my kids are different, but it was so brutal the first time, I can’t help but be scared.

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