On Monday night I was reading an article about how Trump drinks 12 Diet Coke’s a day and eats crazy amounts of fast food and I was wondering how I would feel* if I woke up one morning to learn that he had died of a heart attack during the night.**

Yesterday morning I woke up to find my husband already awake. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me that the mayor of San Francisco had died suddenly in the night, of a heart attack.***

The world is weird sometimes.

*I would definitely be incredibly relieved if Trump and his side show administration were gone, but I’d also be terrified for the havoc Pence would wreak on our country. Pence wouldn’t make a mockery of the presidency, but he would destroy the lives of pretty much everyone who isn’t exactly like him (white, cisgender, male, Christian, and conservative).

**Of course Trump will never die, because the normal rules of decency don’t apply to him, so why should the normal rules of self-care apply? Also he is the devil incarnate.

***My husband works for the mayor’s office at City Hall and while Ed Lee hasn’t generally been the most popular mayor San Francisco has had, he was very well liked and respected by the people who work for and around him. Everyone is very saddened by what happened.


  1. Thank you.
    Jones won. The GOP won’t seat him to vote for as long as they find an excuse, any excuse.
    Hope your week is going well and that break gets here soon. Good wishes with all the grades.

  2. I (a northern european with no family or close friends in the US) literally jumped with joy yesterday morning when I learned about Jones winning in Alabama.
    I cannot imagine how horrible this year must have been to americans with normal levels of empathy and decency, but you have my deepest sympathies.

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