2nd Day Back

Thank you everybody who commented on my last post. Now I’m even more excited about my trip! It was so awesome to hear that people have been (or lived) there and loved it. I’m am super stoked to go Nicaragua.

Now I just have to get through the next seven months… šŸ˜‰

Today was our second day back since the break, and I was reminded yet again, that the second day back is almost always harder than the first. On the first day back you are tired, but you have energy saved up from all those days of not being at work. On Monday I was up at 5:45am like it was my regular wake up time. I felt more awake and ready to go than I did most days on break. But today I slept right through my 5:45 alarm and almost missed my 6am wake up call as well. I was still trying to keep my eyes open at 6:15, and it wasn’t out of bed until 6:30.

I was exhausted all day.

Monday there were teachers from a neighboring district’s middle school watching me teach for their professional development. I would normally schedule some really low-key activities for me and my students on the first day back, but since I had teachers watching I had to bring out my bid guns. While it was very gratifying to meet new teachers who were super interested in the way I teach (and told me I did a great job), it was HARD to rally on the first day back. By the end of the day I was totally done.

My kids were also done by the time I picked them up, and the evening was a shit show. I was so happy when they finally went to bed. Unfortunately I had some PTA stuff I had to do, so I didn’t get to bed nearly as early as I wanted to. Today I paid for that.

I’m not going to make the same mistake now, especially since Wednesday is my hardest day of the week. I need to get my daughter to school early, and then it’s go, go, go until the end of the school day. I really hate Wednesdays.

So now I’m headed to bed… Sweet dreams!


  1. Was with the first grader on Monday, first day back at school & normal after school care program after break. WIRED is an understatement for her 5-8pm. We avoided complete breakdown but just barely.
    2 children and a tough work day for you….. wow. Hope your school saw and hear the positive things the neighboring district’s observing teachers had to say. The fact another district sees and knows you as a model says a lot. Hold those remarks and remember them every time you start to feel negative your job.
    It is SO HARD to remember and believe praise when raised female in our culture. Acknowledging your wins is not boasting, it is important and a skill that needs to be modeled in front of all our children. Best if any second parent also mentions valuing this in front of children. Super important for all females to hear and learn to do.

  2. Yay that you rocked the teaching observation! But yes, the second day back is always more of a drag because its like…ugh. this is my life now. for ever.

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