9:49am. That’s when I woke up this morning. It was glorious.

Each set of grandparents had a kid and we got an impromptu date night last night. I ran some errands on my way home from dropping off our son at my parents, we ate dinner at one of our favorite spots, and then we watched The Big Sick.

It was so, so nice to sleep in this morning. I haven’t been able to sleep past 8am in ages, so almost 10am felt AMAZING.

The only thing I really wanted to do today was get the Christmas tree. I’ve actually been really excited that Thanksgiving is early this year so we have more time with our Christmas decorations, but it’s pouring so I guess no tree today. Boo. Maybe I’ll get one, destroy the backseat of the car bringing it home, and let it dry out in the garage, because if I don’t get it today, I probably won’t be able to until next weekend.

I can’t believe our week off is over. On the one hand, it feels like I haven’t been at work in AGES (which feels nice), on the other hand, I’m really not ready to go back. I still have some work to do before my grades are ready for the Wednesday deadline, and I didn’t do anything to plan for the next four weeks. I wanted to have a rough plan for all my classes and instead I’m barely ready for tomorrow. Blerg.

At least there are only four weeks until our next break!

Okay, let’s do this thing.

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