Go see Coco

We saw Coco on Wednesday. It was f*cking fantastic.

I can’t tell you how excited I am that a huge studio like Disney/Pixar spent years, and hundreds of millions of dollars making a movie that celebrates another culture so respectfully and thoughtfully. I’m even more excited that they made a movie about a culture and holiday that I teach. Coco will definitely be a part of my curriculum every year.

If you see one kids’ movie during the holidays, let it be Coco. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Here are some awesome reviews by Mexican-American and Latino critics. If these don’t convince you to see Coco, I’m not sure what will.


    1. Way better. Way, way better. It did better job of highlighting/explaining Day of the Dead and making it part of the actual plot. Coco looks AMAZING. I liked the esthetic of Book of Life, but Coco takes the visual to new heights, for any Pixar movie, frankly. And the plot is about passion and family and knowing where you are from to know where you might go. I liked the plot A LOT better than the love triangle of Book of Life. In my opinion, Coco is a far superior film.

  1. Sounds wonderful. Your excitement is exactly how young and not so young Pacific Islanders and those who live in Oceania felt last year about Moana.

  2. I took the kids on Wednesday, too. It was the first time Lucy stayed in the theater (not necessarily in her seat) for the entire movie. I both loved and was frustrated by the Spanish words mixed in with English (I wasn’t able to discern them all, so didn’t feel like I learned any new Spanish words).

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