A semi-success

We had yet another PTA event today, the last one for a while. I suppose it could be called a success, but nothing we ever do for PTA ever feels like it’s really worth celebrating. It always feels like things could have gone better. 

I supposed that is because I always wish we made more money. We need to find a way to raise at least $3K more this year, so the days when make $500 are nice, but clearly not enough. 

Still, it didn’t rain. It was overcast, and the ground was wet from the rain earlier in the day. And sure the sun came out and it was beautiful the minute the event was over, but at least it didn’t rain. 

A good amount of people came, almost all of them from the neighborhood. And while it’s frustrating that not even free tacos and can get the families from our school to show up, I suppose having people from the neighborhood is even more important.

I do think the PTA is actually making a difference as far as re-branding the school’s imagine. And that is one of our goals. So even when we don’t raise much, an even can still be a success. I need to keep telling myself that. 


  1. Glad the PTA is going to be quieter for a while. YOU put in an huge amount of time to raise $500. At 10 dollars a head that is 50 people contributing. IT really was cold and damp which means there was a good turn out of people. Big point however is that you/PTA/school are engaging more with the community and that is more important than the dollars raised! That is the point to hold on to as the year continues.
    Hope you can now take a tiny breath and get ready for all the holidays and catch up on all the school work/grading. Thank you for all the writing and posting.

  2. Sounds like a successful event to me! And also glad to hear you get a breather from these events for a bit.

    And the rebranding is huge – I touch on some branding stuff in my job and some VERY large organizations are actually pretty sucky at brand management, so give yourself huge props for helping to change the school’s image using only shoestring resources.

    And re-pasting some questions from my last comment: What is the total fundraising goal for the year? What will that money be used for? If you didn’t raise that money, what would happen?

    And depending on what the money will be used for, could you approach local businesses or non-profits about making donations? Are there any successful (even just solid middle class) alumni of the school you could hit up?

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