I hope this wasn’t a mistake

I am really struggling to land on a topic tonight. And I also wanted to write something for tomorrow morning!

I hope tentatively committing to NaBloPoMo wasn’t a mistake!

One problem is, today was a pretty shitty today, and I’m still processing some “big feelings” about a few things. It wasn’t like something really awful happened, in fact it wasn’t awful at all, but it made me feel awful, and I don’t think I’ve figured out why enough to write about it. Hopefully soon.

In the meantime I will just say that I’m really pleased that the weather here has finally cooled off, like for realz. Last week it was in the mid- to high-80’s in San Francisco and I was SO OVER IT. Friday night the fog came in and Saturday morning was legitimately chilly. I was SO HAPPY! I hope we are officially done with our Indian Summer. I want to move on to the next season, please.

Which I know is hilarious because we basically only have two seasons here. Maybe that is why I’m always SO DONE with whatever one is wrapping up, because it’s been happening for half the year.

I’m also really glad it’s November. By this point next week I will be one happy lady, who, sure, has a shit load of grading to do by the end of the Thanksgiving break, but doesn’t have any other big events on the horizon. Woot! Just one more week and things should calm down a little. Just one. more. week.

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  1. Thank you.
    I too am loving the crisp in the air. And right now there is real damp on my patio! More than dew. Hope it settles things but does not cause sliding of hills.
    Crossing my fingers papers all get grades and YOU get some real down and peaceful time. (See: in the face of the evidence of years I still think you might take care of you with R&R time!) Optimist here.

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