Another one done

This was not my first NaBloPoMo and I’m sure it won’t be last. I always appreciate coming to this space more in November, and I hope that I’ll still be here a lot in the coming months, even if I’m not posting every day.

A lot of bloggers in my reader were participating in NaBloPoMo last month; there were always so many great posts to read! I’m going to miss having all those great posts to distract me from articles in my news app. The news is so depressing.

December is always a busy month, but I think we have it easier than most. We seem to have fewer holiday parties and commitments, and we don’t have to travel. I’m trying to tease out what are the most important parts of the holiday season for me and embrace them, while allowing a lot of the other stuff to fall by the wayside.

I did end up partaking in some clothes shopping before the end of the Black Friday sales. About half of it was for my kids (in their next sizes up) and half was for me. I generally end up taking back a lot of what I get online, so we’ll see how much damage I actually did.

On a related note: I’m considering a clothing shopping ban for myself for at least the first six months of 2017. We’ll see. I definitely don’t need to get anything else for my kids for that long, so that is awesome.

Our 3/7/11 anniversary is coming up in early January. (3 years married, 7 years domestic partners, 11 years together.) I love all those numbers (I’m a prime number lover) so maybe I’ll plan something fun for the two of us. I bet my parents would take the kids for a weekend so we could get away, or just have another staycation. I would be fine to stay in San Francisco–it’s so much cheaper and there is so much to do.

It finally got chilly here in San Francisco. It was still regularly in the high 60’s/low 70’s through most of November, but now it’s staying in the 50’s most day (yes, I know this is not cold, that’s why I didn’t use that word). We generally don’t turn on our heat at night (instead I turn it on at 6am when I get up and it’s warm enough for everyone else by the time they’re awake), but lately I’ve been having to sleep in thermals with a sweatshirt over them so maybe it’s time to at least keep the temperature at 60* while we sleep. (You’ll remember we didn’t have heat for two years so I know we can get through the night without it… not sure what we should do.)

I forgot to update on the daughter nightmare situation. At the suggestion of a couple commenters, we put a futon on my husband’s side of the bed (there isn’t enough space on mine because of the elliptical) and told our daughter she could come into our room after a bad dream and sleep on the floor. For the first week she woke us up and we helped her in there, but now she can make the transition herself. It’s been a game changer, and I think she’s happier, and less stressed now that she has that option. I personally don’t understand why she’d rather sleep on the floor than her comfortable bed, but if this is what she wants, I’m happy to give it to her. Now if I could just get my son to stop peeing through his size 6 night diapers, requiring an entire pajama and sheets change we’d be golden (yes, I’m going to start waking him up to pee before I go to bed–it’s going to be awful).

I guess that is enough random stuff for one night.


  1. I have enjoyed having your posts to read every day! It occurs to me that when you post every day, you don’t get as many comments, and that must be discouraging. But I read all the posts and liked having them in my reader.

    It’s going to be in the high 50’s here today, and I was just thinking how nice to have a warm day! And now you mention that that’s chilly. Re: heat, setting your heat to 60 would probably require very little actual work from your furnace, since it’s not that cold out, and would make a big difference in your comfort level. But then, I can’t imagine having it as cold as you’ve had your house. So that’s just me.

  2. I love November because a bunch of you overachievers post every day and it’s nice to have so many interesting posts to read!

    Have you tried Pullups instead of nighttime diapers? We have Izzy in Pampers pullups and have yet to have a leak.

    I agree with Deborah- I would probably set the house at 60 for the night and the furnace wouldn’t kick on that often.

  3. I read this post in bed this morning with Stella smashed up against my back and thought UGH, we need to just make her a pallet on the floor so I don’t go crazy. I’m glad it’s working for you guys!

    It was nice to get back into the habit of writing and reading more. Always good to hear from you. 🙂

  4. We have similar weather and I say it’s cold! I’ve been freezing the past couple weeks. I’m far wimpier than you, we keep it 66 at nite (before kids I was used to 64, but then we had it higher for babies, now we’re very gradually, like 1 degree every year or two, turning it down). And I’ve been wearing a sweatshirt at that temp.

    We use nighttime pull-ups plus a plastic outer training pants/underwear. They usually prevent leaks but not always.

  5. We use Target brand nighttime “underwear”, which are basically just big kid pull ups. They hold a lot more pee than regular nighttime pull ups!

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